A Web Store has warped into the galaxy!

A Web Store has warped into the galaxy!


We released Star Trek Fleet Command on PC last week, and we are incredibly excited to see so many of you enjoying playing it already.

In addition, many of you expressed the desire to have access to it on other platforms as well. 

While we’re still evaluating those options, we’re happy to introduce in the meantime a way to access the PC offers through your web browser!

You can quickly go to our new Web Store from either your PC or mobile device, log in using your ScopelyID, and browse all the available offers.  You will get access to exactly the same offers available on PC, including the Multiphasic Credits!

Every purchase made on the Web Store will give you back the same in-game currency offered on PC, called “Multiphasic Credits”, which you will be able to spend in a new in-game store. 

Check out the Web Store here: