Community Event: A New Way to Lead


With the addition of Fleet Commanders to STFC, we want to hear from YOU! Tell us who you picked as your starting Fleet Commander and why, and be entered in for a chance to be drawn as one of five winners in this month’s Community Event.


  • Submission Period: 1/25 – 1/31

How to Enter

  • First, Players will post an image of the Fleet Commander they chose, along with why they chose this Fleet Commander over the other.
  • Next, Commanders will submit on social media(including Reddit) in a public post using the hashtag #STFCFC
  • Once these are submitted you are officially entered into the event!


  • Must post an image of the Fleet Commander you chose, along with why you chose your Fleet Commander over the other.
  • All posts must use the designated hashtag #STFCFC to be counted as an entry.
  • Only one entry per participant.
  • Commanders found to be using multiple accounts to try and win multiple prizes will be disqualified and barred from future events
  • For additional legal information on participating with any contests and/or sweepstakes hosted by Scopely please view the following link:


  • There will be five (5) winners for this event
  • Each selected winner will receive a $100 gift card to the official Star Trek store
  • Winners will be selected by random draw
  • The Scopely team members will have final say and discretion when picking these winners. 

We’re really looking forward to seeing your answers!

Live Long and Prosper Commanders


Update 50.1 Patch Notes

Update 50.1 Patch Notes


Update 50.1 brought with it a handful of bug fixes and improvements to Star Trek Fleet Command. Check out the full patch notes below!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the repair button would sometimes not appear for stations that were damaged
  • Fixed an issue where the description for the Command Center Refinery Dust was incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where the “Internal Shield Matrix” skill description incorrectly stated  “Increases Shield Deflection for Explorers” instead of the “Increases Shield for Explorers”
  • Fixed an issue a localization issue in the Commander Center refinery where the “D” in shard was sometimes cut off
  • Fixed an issue where the art would sometimes appear incorrectly when scanning a Borg Sphere
  • Fixed an issue where trying to close the description for Fleet Commander skills after unlocking them would sometimes not work
  • Fixed an issue where the “Be Not Afraid of Greatness” mission was not unlocking properly.



  • Made an improvement to the Japanese localization on the Commander Center to no longer cut off the description of the “Jellyfish Translink Disruptor” ability.


Fleet Commanders Spotlight – A New Way to Lead

Fleet Commanders Spotlight – A New Way to Lead



With Star Trek Fleet Command Update 50 now live, Fleet Commanders are at everyone’s disposal Operations level 15 and up! Unlike the officers that work aboard your ships, Fleet Commanders provide powerful buffs from the new Command Center building located in your station. Each Fleet Commander has their own unique set of abilities, and choosing the right ones for you will be crucial in taking on the new threats throughout the system.

Ready to Lead

You can earn your first Fleet Commander, either Kirk or Spock, by completing the mission “Legends of the Cosmos”. Each Fleet Commander provides unique benefits when on duty which can be viewed from the Command Center building on your station, so be sure to take a look at their abilities before choosing!

Commanding from Afar


Once a Fleet Commander is unlocked, you’ll want to go back to your Commander Center and set them on duty. In the beginning, only one Fleet Commander can be active at a time, but by upgrading the Commander Center, you’ll be able to have two Fleet Commanders working in tandem. Fleet Commanders can be changed once every six hours, and when switched, all ships must be recalled to receive the buffs and benefits of that new Fleet Commander. Be sure to have a Fleet Commander in command that is going to be the most beneficial for the activity that you’re choosing.


Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations


Each Fleet Commander has three different skill trees which can be upgraded to provide benefits to your active ships, construction and research. While Commanders can have all of the trees upgraded over time, rows of skills that are clustered together (the orange border with dark background around the skill icons) can only have one selected.As Fleet Commanders will grow in experience and leadership, they will become more versatile with new on duty and always active abilities. Switching between certain grouped abilities will become possible in a future update.


Skill specialties: (10 skills in each specialty)

  • Leader – Skills that grant buffs to officers
  • Hunter – Skills that help against hostiles
  • Explorer – Skills related to space exploration and ships

Example skills:

  • Give us All You Got – Increases Warp Speed
  • Phase Bank Upgrades – Increases Energy Weapon Damage
  • Khan!!! – Increases Critical Chance against non-Armada hostiles


Skill specialties: (10 skills in each specialty)

  • Miner – Skills related to mining and survey ships
  • Architect – Skills related to station
  • Scientist – Skills related to research and other fascinating buffs

Example skills:

  • The Needs of the Many – Increases Mining rate of Crystal, Gas and Ore
  • Insufficient Facts – Increases Research Speed
  • Alloy Metallurgies – Increases Tritranium – Upgrade cost efficiency for all Ships

Change is the Essential Part of All Existence


Fleet Commanders are forged in the fires of combat and experience is gained by defeating Borg Solo Armadas. These solo armadas are available for all Commander operations level 35 and above. Skill points are granted when a Fleet Commander levels up, and ranking up a Fleet Commander provides access to new rows of skills. Skill points can be redeemed for specific Fleet Commanders through the Refinery.

Fleet Commander provides a way to customize your Star Trek Fleet Command experience in a way never before possible. Each Commander now has a way to customize their fleet in the way that is right for them. While making the hard choices isn’t always easy, it’s what helps each of us grow and learn. Good luck out there Commanders, and as always, live long and prosper.




Update M50 Patch Notes

Update M50 Patch Notes


The Borg are a silent menace lurking in the dark. Why have they returned? What do they want? Nobody seems to know. Most are wise enough to keep away. But for some, the risk is worth it…

A scientist is causing havoc in an attempt to find her long-ago assimilated brother. Luckily, the Commander is there to intervene, along with a new and unlikely ally; a former Borg drone.

A group of rogue Pakleds have concocted a hare-brained scheme to install a spy on board a Borg ship. They enlist the Commander’s help, but soon find out that they may have bitten off more than they can chew.

Maia inevitably catches the attention of the Borg. She must contend with the threat of her own assimilation and find a way to retain her individuality. Will she be able to fight off the hive mind?

“You cannot hide. You cannot escape. You will be assimilated.”

Star Trek Fleet Command Update 50 brings with it:

  • Fleet Commanders
  • Borg Solo Armadas
  • New Officers
  • New Missions
  • And much more

Check out the full patch notes below for all the details


Fleet Commanders

With Star Trek Fleet Command Update 50 now live, Fleet Commanders are at everyone’s disposal Operations level 15 and up! Unlike the officers that work aboard your ships, Fleet Commanders provide powerful buffs from the new Commander Center building located in your station.



Each Fleet Command has their own unique set of abilities, and choosing the right ones for you will be crucial in taking on the new threats throughout the system. 



Play the mission Legends of the Cosmos, choose between Admiral Kirk and Captain Spock and unlock your first choice!

If you want to learn more about Fleet Commanders, please check here.

Three Fleet Commanders are will be available in Update 50:

  • Admiral Kirk
  • Captain Spock
  • Locutus

Fleet Commanders are forged in the fires of combat and experience is gained by defeating Borg Solo Armadas.

Borg Solo Armadas

Get ready Commanders, there will be new Borg Solo Armadas to conquer in brand new Borg systems, Atraxi, Megnomis, which is the centeral hub.


In order to challenge these new targets, Commanders must be operations level 35+ and the Translink Disruptors research must be completed. This new research is available in the Combat Research Tree.

There are a variety of rewards a Commander can earn for taking on these targets, such as officer shards and a brand new exocomp that will increase the amount of inert nanoprobes gained from destroying Borg probes. Be sure to check out the Borg Refinery tab to see all the new additions

New Officers

There are two brand new Borg officers available for Commanders this month: Borg Hugh and Borg Ghalenar:

Hugh, now available as an Epic Officer:

  • Below Deck Ability: Resist and Retaliate
    45/50/60/70/100% chance to increase Critical Hit Chance by a stacking 25% for 2 rounds when struck by a Hostile weapon. (Each unique weapon can trigger this up to once per attack)
  • Officer Ability: Flee the Collective
    Increases the Impulse Speed of your ship by 5%/7%/9%/12%/15%

Ghalenar, now available as an Rare Officer:

  • Below Deck Ability: What’s Theirs is Ours
    Increases the amount of resources dropped from Actian Apex and Borg hostiles by 10%/15%/20%/30%/50% of their base value
  • Officer Ability: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Helmet
    Increases Faction Reputation gained from Federation, Klingon and Romulan hostiles by 5%/8%/11%/15%/20%

New Projectile

Polaron Beam Projectile (25+)

  • + 20% Crit Damage Against Borg Targets

[PC First] Prime Charged Nanoprobes Refining (25+)

  • Increased payouts of Charged Nanoprobes

New Missions

15 Core Missions

  • Unbound (25+): The Commander and Hugh help a scientist track down her assimilated brother.
  • Fortune Favors the Borg (35+): A Pakled is trying to get assimilated as part of a plan to install a spy within the Collective to allow the Pakled people access to their ships and weapons.
  • Be Not Afraid of Greatness (40+): The Collective wants to assimilate Maia.

5 Side Missions

  • Dreams of Nightmares (50+): Dream Aliens’ neurogenic field technology has come to the Collective’s attention.

5 Side Missions introducing the Fleet Commanders

  • Legend of the Cosmos (15+): Help Admiral Kirk and Captain Spock deal with a Klingon fleet, and choose your Fleet Commander.

Holodeck Additions:

  • Tourists (35+): Join Quark and his unlikely companion on a unique tour of the Alpha Quadrant.
  • Lower Decks Part 1

Battle Pass

An all-new Battle Pass featuring new officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, and more! Unlock tiers and content by participating in events throughout the month or purchasing the Premium Pass.

New Frames and Avatars

Avatars (6):

  • Uncommon Borg Maia
  • Uncommon Admiral Kirk
  • Rare Officer Borg Ghalenar
  • Rare Captain Spock
  • Epic Officer Hugh
  • Epic Locutus

Frames (4):

  • Uncommon Borg Alcove
  • Rare Officer Borg Ghalenar
  • Rare Command Center
  • Epic Fleet Commander Locutus


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where ‘Promote Next Gen Troi To Rank 2’ achievement was not completed with promoting Troi
  • Fixed an issue where the description for unlock bonus info does not match with the ship abilities refits
  • Fixed an issue where an Armada fails to start when the countdown hits 0 at the exact point that an armada fails on the same target
  • Fixed an issue where the 2nd active armada indicator is not visible when multiple armadas are started on the same target
  • Fixed an issue where the HHP & SHP of ship is displayed more than actual inside of battle reports
  • Fixed an issue where the Wayfinder Marker is not always accurately reflecting where the player needs to venture to
  • Fixed an issue where on the UI the distance between “L” and “V” for “SALVAGE YARD” is not present at the Module Name in ASB management screen




  • Made an improvement to show on Ship Management Screen and Ship Construction Screen What Active Abilities a Ship can use
  • Made an improvement for buildings to have consistent behaviour when in the locked state inside the station
  • Change colour of loading screen progress bar to green for Borg Arc


Star Trek Fleet Command: 2023 Roadmap Update

Star Trek Fleet Command: 2023 Roadmap Update



Star Trek Fleet Command has celebrated its 4th Anniversary! As we fly into 2023, it’s time to review the passing year and share some of our roadmap plans for what lies ahead.

In 2022 we released four new arcs, featuring both new and classic IPs:


  • Rules of Acquisition (Ferengi) arc that introduced:
    • D’Vor Feesha ship
    • Treasury building
    • Cross Server Leaderboards
  • Lower Decks arc that added:
    • U.S.S. Cerritos ship
    • “Below Deck Officers” 
  • Strange New Worlds arc with:
    • Infinite Incursions 
    • Mantis ship
    • Galaxy Tree Expansion
  • Deep Space Nine arc (concluding in December) that added: 
    • Alliance Starbase 
    • U.S.S. Defiant 
    • Automated Defenses 
    • Armory building 
    • Espionage spy event!

Overall, it was a busy year, and we look ahead for an even bigger one in 2023!

To that end, it’s time to share some more details on what we have been working on and what can be expected to arrive in your quadrant next year!


As always, details are subject to change, as may the order and timing of their eventual release, but we hope you’ll be excited by this current roadmap:



Fleet Commanders

During the last few years, you probably noticed how much your fleet of ships has grown. Your officers need additional support in commanding this large fleet of ships. In response to this need, a new role is being created: Fleet Commanders.

Fleet Commanders give you a new way to enhance your station and fleet. Here, the most impactful and iconic characters from the Star Trek universe take center stage. They will bring additional power and strategy to all of your fleet while commanding it from the safety of your station.

The first Fleet Commanders chosen to unleash on the galaxy will include Captain Spock, Admiral Kirk, and … a very special assimilated officer!

Expect the feature and the first batch of Fleet Commanders to arrive at the beginning of 2023.
**Mockup – work in progress

Hailing Frequencies

Galaxy chat is a great place to communicate with your fellow Commanders but have you ever wished you could hail some of those ships you meet in the vast galaxy?

The Hailing Frequencies feature that will arrive early next year will include special animated emotes that you can use from your ships to communicate with other commanders in your vicinity.

You can probably guess some of the obvious ideas we plan to introduce near launch :facepalm:

**Mockup – work in progress


Game Lag/Performance


An issue this year has been the game performance/lag, especially during events like Infinite Incursions and competitive Territory Captures.

Improving lag and performance is a major focus for our team, and something we have constantly been working to improve. We don’t want to introduce awesome new content and features every month if the gameplay experience for our players is suboptimal.

To give you all some context, lag and performance in general are not simple things we can fix in an instant. They are complex and involve many different code paths on both the client (game app) and back-end servers.

We wanted to share with you some of the improvements our dedicated engineering team has been working on and where those changes are in the pipeline (see image below).

As you can see, we recently released several improvements like the revised battle engine and alliance contributions changes that had significant performance impacts plus daily reset scaling improvements that helped with the event refreshes at 9am PT.


More improvements are planned for 2023, and we hope you will start feeling a positive change in performance in the next few months.


Game Grind/Loops

Another topic we have been hearing from you (and especially our longer time players) is the amount of loops/grind that a Commander needs to do daily.

We recognize that over the years, we have added a lot for dedicated commanders to do on a daily basis. Many ships, features, options, resources, and factions await you each day. These new gameplay features have also increased the time needed to complete daily hostiles and armadas kills. To that end, a big priority for us in 2023 is to help reduce this grind, especially for older content. This will also allow us to provide new fun and engaging content throughout the year!


Expect to see some initial ways to address this in the first half of 2023 and beyond.


Rite of Ascension (name might change)

‘etlh QorghHa’lu’chugh ragh ‘etlh nIvqu’ ‘ej jejHa’choH’
(Even the best blade will rust and grow dull unless it is cared for) – Klingon Proverb

In mid 2023, we plan to unleash a new challenge: the Rite of Ascension. This will involve testing the strength of your fleet against increasingly difficult enemy attacks.

Commanders will be presented with a series of progressively tougher challenges which they can complete in order to earn rewards. Push as far as you can to show your fellow commanders just how powerful you are.

Can you prove that you have the heart of a warrior? Will you be victorious? Assert your dominance in the galaxy. Qapla’!



Artifacts (name might change)

“Open your mind to the past, art, history, philosophy… and all this may mean something” – Jean-Luc Picard

We are looking to add new ways for players to augment their bases so they have more tactical choices. Commanders will have new ways to optimize the ways they explore and battle across the galaxy. Archaeological Artifacts will become available to seek out and use on stations, ships and officers in many different ways.

This feature is still early in development and may go through radical changes but we think it could be an interesting one to explore (pun intended) 🙂


2023 IP/Shows

Lastly, the arcs we have planned for next year include some fan favorite shows and movies from the Star Trek catalog, plus some new more recent ones which we are sure all fans would enjoy.

We can’t share a lot of details quite yet, but the one small hint we have for the first arc in 2023 will bring back an old geometrically-obsessed enemy you faced before 😀




Update 49.1 – Patch Notes

Update 49.1 – Patch Notes


Last week we introduced Deep Space Nine pt. 4 and along with it, the reveal of the spy and new officers, new station upgrades, and much more.

With Update 49.1, commanders will be able to get their hands on Tactical Mandates from Alliance Altruism and Alliance Unity packs in the Alliance Store.  Commanders will be able to use these directives to organize their alliance to assault rival alliance Starbases in order to raid them for their precious plasma.

To learn more, please check out our guide Alliance Starbase – Assaults!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where no push notification was sent to signal a Solo Armada was completed while game is minimized.
  • Made an improvement in adding the loading icon when Achievements are being fetched.


Update 49 Hotfix

Update 49 Hotfix


The following have been added as hot fixes for Update 49:

Hot Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to complete Field Training missions involving upgrading their Realta. Achievement names have been changed and can be progressed by upgrading different ships.
  • Fixed an issue where officer-based Field Training was not being autocompleted.
  • Fixed an issue in Field Training where some achievements appear in Claim state before completing the previous achievement.


  • Made an improvement to the buff of the three M49 Refit cosmetics to be a 100% buff versus the current 50% buff. The refits impacted are below as follows:
    • Jem’Hadar Fighter – Increase Federation reputation from Hostiles.

    • Cardassian Galore – Increase Romulan reputation from Hostiles.

    • Breen Warship – Increase Klingon reputation from Hostiles.


Update M49 – Patch Notes

Update M49 – Patch Notes


A shadow looms over the Alpha Quadrant.
Although Captain Benjamin Sisko and his dauntless crew have managed to reclaim Deep Space Nine from the Cardassians, their trials are far from finished.
The corruption and influence of the Dominion has reached the highest echelons of the great powers. Only one more thing stands in their way of total domination… You.

Star Trek Fleet Command’s Deep Space Nine pt.4 update includes:

  • New Station Upgrades
  • Field Training
  • New Officers
  • 30 New Missions

And much more!

Field Training

The new Field Training Feature will be available for all Commanders, with a special focus on those new to the Star Trek Fleet Command world!
Follow all the training tasks to learn the intricacies of being a Commander and unlock rewards for your efforts!

New Research

Alongside the new Alliance Research, 6 new Defiant Nodes in the Starships Tree and 1 Galaxy Tree Prime will now be available for Commanders:

Defiant Research:
5 new Nodes and 1 Prime enhancing the Defiant’s active ability for Assaults

Prime: Bajoran Diplomacy

Increases amount of Diplomacy Tokens earned when claiming chests in the Bajoran Store

New Drydock

A new Drydock will be available for construction at level 35, you can unlock this feature through the Offers tab.
Acquiring Drydock H will allow you to command an extra vessel and greatly increase your combat and mining capabilities.

New Queues

New Building and Repair Queues will be available for Commanders. Get meaningful value and expand your station and stay ahead of the curve!

New Refits

Ops 42 Federation, Klingon and Romulan combat ships will receive new Epic refits with unique visuals that provide meaningful increases to reputation gains.

Jem’Hadar Fighter Refit: USS Kelvin

  • Increase the base amount of Federation reputation gained or lost from defeating Hostiles and Armadas with the USS Kelvin by 50%

Breen Warship Refit: K’T’inga

  • Increase the base amount of Klingon reputation gained or lost from defeating Hostiles and Armadas with the K’T’inga by 50%

Cardassian Galor Refit: Valdore

  • Increase the base amount of Romulan reputation gained or lost from defeating Hostiles and Armadas with the Valdore by 50%

New Officers


Jadzia Dax, now available as an Epic Officer

Captain Maneuver: Keen Eye
Increase Shield Piercing, Armor Piercing and Accuracy by X% of Officers Health, against Solo Armadas
Base: 700% / Small: 175% / Big: 350%

Officer Ability: Warrior Spirit
Increase Weapon Damage by X% of Officers Health, against Solo Armadas
300% / 450% / 650% / 900% / 1200%


Odo, now available as an Epic Officer

Officer Ability: Fluidic Strength
Increase base Armor, Shield Deflection and Dodge X% against Solo Armadas
40% / 50% / 60% / 80% / 100%

Below Deck Ability: Right is Might
Increase Critical Damage by Y%
20% / 25% / 35% / 45% / 60%


Julian Bashir, now available as a Rare Officer

Captain Maneuver: Surgical Precision
Increase Critical Hit Damage by X% against Solo Armadas
Base: 50% / Small: 25% / Big: 50%

Officer Ability: Steady Hand
Increase Critical Hit Chance by Y% against Solo Armadas
20% / 25% / 35% / 45% / 60%


Kira Nerys, now available as a Rare Officer

Officer Ability: Steel Determination
Decrease Shield Mitigation by X% in an Assault
4% / 5% / 6% / 8% / 10%

Below Deck Ability: Guerilla Strategy
Reduce Opponent Player Critical Hit Chance By X%
10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 35%

New Missions

  • 10 new missions conclude Deep Space Nine Arc! Join forces with Sisko and Crew as they fight for the greater good of the Galaxy.
  • Learn about the new Assaults in 5 new missions. All you’ll need is a tall ship, and some contraband to fill it with!
  • Be on the lookout for 10 side-missions that will have you alongside your favourite DS9 characters onward to the Gamma Quadrant!
  • Lastly, join the Bajoran Resistance in 5 new exclusive missions available in the Faction Store.

New Battle Pass

An all-new Battle Pass featuring new officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, and more! Unlock tiers and content by participating in events throughout the month or purchasing the Premium Pass.

Espionage Event Conclusion

The Espionage Event comes to an end! Participate in the grand reveal of the Changeling Spy and rescue the captive character in a new mission!

New Frames and Avatars

Avatars (7):

  • Epic Jadzia Dax
  • Epic Incursions Winner
  • Epic Holiday Season
  • Epic Odo
  • Rare Bashir
  • Uncommon DS9 Worf
  • Uncommon New Year 2023 

Frames (5):

  • Epic 2023
  • Epic Infinite Incursions Winner
  • Rare Alliance Starbase
  • Uncommon Jake Sisko
  • Uncommon DS9 Gold Uniform

    Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where users are seeing an excessive amount of time pass in order for the shop to populate its bundles
  • Fixed an issue where where users attempting to access their Alliance Starbase got stuck on the “Preparing” screen
  • Fixed an issue where the D3 Separatist is unable to cloak in M48
  • Fixed an issue where Shop_error_303 is triggered in certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s captain is reported incorrectly when they are the defender in a battle
  • Fixed an issue where the Alliance Starbase appears inside the system after relocating Alliance Starbase to the Collisional Plasma harvester.
  • Fixed an issue of stars indicating reward material grade disappear after sending an officer on another Away Team mission
  • Fixed an issue on Geody where Actian Hostiles are only spawning 1 hostile at a time
  • Fixed an issue in Syndicate where the buff “Hull Health Bonus” is not applied properly for Level 30.
  • Fixed an issue of incorrect graphics on nodes in Starbase Research Tree
  • Fixed an issue regarding ships where number rounding is inconsistent across the game
  • Fixed an issue on the Scan Screen where the Ability Status icon of an enemy ship is not placed on the correct side of the scene / overlaps the ships 3D model
  • Fixed an issue where in the Ship Refits of Bchor, VortaVor and USS Hydra Refits description do not mention they only work for this specific ship
  • Fixed an issue where Ortegas’ Tooltip description says “Inflct” instead of “Inflict”
  • Fixed an issue where Faction store characters appear smaller in size on PC in comparison with the other platforms (iOS/Android).
  • Fixed an issue where Officer Assignment Screen in Ships had the “Confirm” button overlapping with the ship stats panel
  • Fixed an issue where power increase is displayed as a percentage instead of a value on the first levels of buildings.


  • Made an improvement for the Mission “Imbalance” (Parts 4 and 5) in localization where there was a string issue with the mission titles
  • Made an improvement where Mission hostile ship names appear as Legionary for the “Jem’Hadar Cruiser”, “Jem’Hadar Fighter”, and “Jem’Hadar Battlecruiser” in missions “The Sixth Host” (Part 5), “Gambit” (Parts 8 & 9) & “Looking In” (Part 2)
  • Increased the number of Actian Apex hostiles in each system from 1 to 3
  • Made a formatting improvement to the third Tutorial Slide for ASB
  • Made an improvement in Solo Armadas to show correct color sonar pulse when in solo armada
  • Made an improvement where pressing the Help all icon directly helps all, no menus involved
  • Added a leaderboard button to Alliance Milestone Events
  • Made an improvement to showcase the cooldown timer on active ship abilities


Update 48.1 – Patch Notes

Update 48.1 – Patch Notes


Last week we introduced Deep Space Nine pt. 3 and along with it, the Defiant. This week, Update 48.1 brings with it further improvements to Star Trek Fleet Command as well as:


  • New structure the Armory
  • Cloaking for the Defiant
  • G5 Ship Cloaking

Check out the full patch notes below for all the details.


Armory Building

The Armory is a new building that offers activated ship abilities refits for G3, G4, and G5 combat ships.

The Armory is a new building available at level 25 that will provide Commanders with significant bonuses to the Hull Health, Shield Health, and all Mitigation stats of all their ships. The Armory also provides activated ship ability refits for G3, G4, and G5 combat ships. For more information please check out the official guide on the Armory (Link here)


New Cloaking Refits

Your collaboration alongside the Romulans have produced technological advancements for a variety of ships. Update 48.1 brings brand new cloaking refits for:

  • USS Defiant (35)
  • D’Deridex (60)
  • ROTARRAN (60)
  • USS Enterprise D (60)

New Mission

Captain Sisko and Worf need your assistance in testing the USS Defiant’s cloaking capabilities. Starting at Operations level 35, Commanders will be able to accept this mission and work towards unlocking this ability for the Defiant.


Automated Defenses

The automated defense refit is now available for the following ships:

  • The Horizion
  • The North Star

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Armada countdown would not appear over multiple ships if they were present at different Armadas.
  • Fixed an issue where the Revenge Hostile notification would indicate a higher level than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the Prime Swarm Research Node was showing the wrong value.


  • Made an improvement to officer filters that will not show officers already out on an assignment.
  •  Made an Improvement to send a reminder to Commanders with a full Treasury
  • In the Starship Research Tree, Tactical Cloaking has been renamed to Flanking Maneuver.


Introducing the Armory

Introducing the Armory


With the threat of the Dominion ever present, there has never been a more urgent time to enhance our combat capabilities. With the introduction of the Defiant, we’ve been able to hold back this threat, but research and development teams have not stopped in their quest for advancement. With that we’d like to introduce to everyone the newest station structure, the Armory.

Introducing the Armory

The Armory is available for all Commanders with an operations level of 25 or higher. Once built, the Armory will give powerful buffs to all of the ships under your command.

Armory Buffs

  • Increase to Ship Hull Health
  • Increase to Ship Shield Health
  • Increase all Mitigation Stats

These buffs will increase as you level up the Armory

  • Armory Level 1 – 5% increase
  • Armory Level 60 – 480% increase

The Armory will also provide new technology for a wide variety of combat ships

Active Ship Abilities

The Armory will provide new refits for all of the faction combat ships. Each refit will come with an active ability that can be activated on cooldown with no cost to activate.


Abilities G3 Value G4 Value G5 Value
Relentless Assault – PvE Damage (Hostiles and Armadas) 175% 250% 275%
Direct Hit – PvP Penetration stats 300%
Lethal Force –PvP Crit Damage 125% 175%
Weapon Barrage – PvP Bonus Shots 20% 30%


Upon reaching Armory level 26, 28, 42, and 53, all refits for the Uncommon faction combat ships will be available for free.

With this new technology, Commanders will have another powerful resource at their disposal. It’s time to show the enemies of the system just who they’re dealing with.