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Patch 35 – Release Notes

Patch 35 – Release Notes


Tensions are rising between Klingons and Romulans as a new, mysterious half-Klingon, half-Romulan hybrid emerges. The Romulan Senate, Klingon High Council, and even more nefarious forces are in pursuit of the hybrid for unknown reasons and the use of cloaking technology has been spotted throughout the galaxy! Working with Worf to find the hybrid and uncover the truth may be the only way to prevent an impending war.

Introducing the Duality Arc!

“I hope this gets through to the right person… I think someone is watching me. I’m not sure who.” 

Worf has received a transmission from an unknown sender asking for his help. Who sent this mysterious transmission? What forces are at play? Follow the clues to find the sender of the transmission and help Worf track them down.

Along the way, it is discovered that the sender poses a threat to both the Klingon Empire, and to Romulan society. This individual is being held in a Cardassian prison, waiting to be handed over to the Romulan authorities. 

Accompany Worf as he attempts to rescue them, overcoming obstacle after obstacle only to realize you are in over your heads…

“I have the feeling that this conflict is only beginning.”

The first part of Star Trek: Duality Arc in October includes:

  • New Ship Cloaking ability
  • 15 new missions
  • Honorguard Worf and Four of Ten Officers
  • 20 new systems with new hostiles
  • New Exocomp Consumables
  • Two Enterprise-D Refits

Loyalty Chests update

Loyalty chests will receive a much anticipated update:

  • Allegiance Tokens: Going forward, commanders won’t need to make a choice between the 7-day OR the 30-day loyalty chests. Using the loyalty badges on the 7-day chest will grant you a new token that can be used on the 30-day chest (4 tokens will be needed to open one). You may have heard about this already, it’s the feature previously called Photon Tokens we were testing on some servers.
  • In addition, both chests will be updated for players level 40+ with some additional rewards

Ship Cloaking

Ship Cloaking technology is now available in Fleet Command! Surprise and outmaneuver your opponents with the new Cloaking ability, available now for 14 Klingon and Romulan combat ships. You can unlock a ship’s Cloaking ability by acquiring its Ship Cloaking Refit. Ship Cloaking Refit shards are redeemable in the new Ship Cloaking tab of the Refits menu.

Cloaking is a new active ability which can be unlocked for each eligible ship. Activating cloaking will make your ship invisible, untargetable by enemies, and prevent any incoming attacks from initiating. Attacking while cloaked deals significantly more damage and provides a 66% base chance that your name and alliance data will be completely hidden from your enemy’s Battle Logs. You can warp while cloaked to ensure the element of surprise is on your side, and entering a faction system you’re unwelcome in will prevent aggressive hostile marauders from spawning and chasing you.

Acquire a Ship Cloaking Refit to unlock the Cloaking ability for the below ships today!

  • D3
  • Legionary
  • Bortas
  • Centurion
  • B’rel
  • Gladius
  • D4
  • Augur
  • K’tinga
  • Valdore
  • Pilum
  • Korinar
  • Tribune
  • Hegh’ta

You can read more about Ship Cloaking on this dedicated page on our site!

New Officers

  • [Epic]  Honorguard Worf, now available as an Epic Officer
  • Soldier of the Empire: Every time the ship scores a critical hit in PVP, increase Armor Piercing.
  • Rage of Khitomer: Increase critical hit chance against other players for the first 8 rounds of combat (45%/50%/60%/75%/100%).

  • [Epic] Four of Ten, now available as an Epic Officer
  • Efficient Ore Acquisition: Increases Ore mining speed by 60%.
  • Cargo Optimization Algorithms: Increases cargo size by 40%/45%/50%/55%/60%.

New Ship Refits

2 Damaged Enterprise-D Ship Refits are now available for both the USS Enterprise and the USS Enterprise-A. Both Refits can be acquired through this month’s Battle Pass and can be obtained by any player’s lvl 10+ through October’s Battle Pass (although they will still need to unlock those ships at the appropriate level in order to use).

New Battle Pass

As said above, the Duality arc launches with an all-new Battle Pass, providing complete unlocks for 2 Damaged Enterprise-D Refits, Honorguard Worf and Four of Ten officer shards, 15 new missions, Ship Cloaking resources, cosmetics, and materials! Progress through the Battle Pass by participating in events throughout the month. You’ll unlock even more rewards by purchasing the Premium Pass!


  • 1 Epic Honorguard Worf Avatar
  • 1 Epic Borg Stonn Avatar
  • 1 Rare Ship Cloaking Avatar
  • 1 Rare Klingon Battle Pass Avatar
  • 1 Rare Halloween 2021 Avatar
  • 1 Uncommon Klingon Empire Avatar
  • 1 Uncommon House of Martok Avatar


  • 1 Epic Klingon Victory Frame
  • 1 Epic Romulan Victory Frame
  • 1 Rare Ship Cloaking Frame
  • 1 Uncommon Halloween 2021 Frame
  • 1 Uncommon Klingon Battle Pass Frame


  • Away Teams UI: Assigned officers no longer disappear from the assignment screen when coming back from the Promote Officer or Battle Reports screens.
  • Improved the text prompt in the Traits tab when an Officer promotion is required
  • PC chat: text field is now selected by default so you can easily send messages

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Attack, Defense and Health tooltips no longer being selectable after accessing the officer level-up screen.
  • Fixed an issue with no hostile being present in Ezla, Unarri and Ganzin systems. 
  • Fixed an issue where the “Instant” Latinum button was showing when trying to use a speed-up on an assignment in progress.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t properly deselect the highlighted officer for in-progress assignments.
  • Fixed a rounding issue displaying an incorrect amount of Parsteel in the Alliance contribution screen if the player didn’t have enough Parsteel.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Start New Assignment” screen when coming back from an assignment completion.
  • Fixed an issue with assigned officers briefly disappearing from the assignment screen when coming back from the battle reports screen.
  • Fixed an issue with the game hanging when viewing planetary missions after coming back from the Away Teams screen. 
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from seeing the HHP and SHP of hostiles through the Scan View, displaying a skull icon instead.
  • Fixed an issue with assigning the captain of a docked ship to an Away Teams assignment, where a bridge officer would get swapped to the captain slot instead. 
  • Fixed an issue where Exocomp icons appeared exceedingly large in the event rewards screen.
  • Fixed an issue with the values of total cargo capacity and protected cargo overlapping in the ship UI.
  • Fixed an issue with Officer Airiam’s ability not applying properly to the opponent’s ship.
  • Fixed an issue where activated Exocomps were not always displayed as active in the Exocomp tab.
  • Fixed an issue where not all Isogen refinery options were displayed to some players. 
  • Fixed an issue with the rarity of all Galaxy buffs being displayed as common when entering the Exocomps tab.
  • Fixed an issue where Riker’s dialogue was displayed incorrectly during the R&R Part 1 mission.
  • Fixed a visual issue with Officer Traits displayed as unlocked after promoting an Officer.
  • Fixed a visual issue with Officer Traits buttons grayed out during Away Teams assignments.
  • Fixed an issue where NPC character portraits were displayed as Arkonian by default.
  • Fixed an issue where NPC character portraits were displayed as Rigelian by default.
  • Fixed an issue with Korean text not being correctly displayed in the chat. 
  • Fixed an issue with Ten of Ten’s Traits not properly highlighted in the Away Teams screen.
  • Fixed an issue with the game hanging after claiming several completed assignments in a row.
  • Fixed an issue with Enterprise-D artwork not being displayed correctly in missions.
  • Fixed several issues related to the new Extended Zoom options.
  • Fixed an issue with Territory Capture Services in the Embassy displayed outside of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Extended Zoom’ option was duplicated in the ‘General Settings’ screen.
  • Fixed roughly 47 localization issues.


Roadmap Update – October 2021

Roadmap Update – October 2021


We’re excited to once again give you a look at some of the exciting content coming in 2021 and 2022.

Since our last roadmap update, we released Away Teams along with Traits during our latest arc. We have also launched the Second Research Queue, and we’ve made some improvements to G4 balancing. 

Last but not least, the Exocomp Consumables were added in August, and we are looking forward to adding new ones based on your feedback and suggestions.

Now, let’s talk about the future. As always, details may change, as may the order and timing of their eventual release, but we hope you’ll enjoy another sneak peek into the future.

We appreciate the passion and time all of you put into the game, and we share your love for Star Trek and Star Trek Fleet Command!

Let’s get started!

PC & Webstore

We have recently launched the STFC Webstore, along with the PC version of Star Trek Fleet Command. 

In the long term, we would like to make and the webstore ( more than just a hub for our game. A place where you can look for leaderboards, special events, guides, and more. Be sure to visit the new website and stay tuned!

Ship Cloaking

What’s the thing missing from Romulan & Klingon ships? That’s right – a CLOAKING DEVICE!

For the last year, we have been working hard on acquiring this technology and getting it  on these starships. 

Starting soon, you will be able to equip cloaking devices on your ships and be invisible to the naked eye of your opponents!

2nd Repair Queue

After releasing the 2nd builder & 2nd researcher features, it made sense to also add the last part of this trio and introduce the 2nd repair queue. We are now working on adding a permanent Second Repair Queue, enabling you to have two simultaneous active ship repairs. 

Officer Presets

Many of you have been asking for this a long time, and with our officer roster crossing so many amazing officers, we are working on introducing officer presets to the game.

Officer presets will allow you to create and select specific crew loadouts to your ships, which will simplify your ship loadout management and allow faster and better rotations on deck!

Cross-Server & SvS Events

Territory Capture allowed you and your Alliance to battle it out and gain control over a portion of the galaxy in your server. 

We are looking to expand this capability and create some unique events across servers (or universes :D). This will allow you and your alliance to battle other players on different servers for either specific leaderboards or fully blown battles as you temporarily invade their inverse, or defend against their invasion into yours.

The possibilities for new events around this functionality are numerous, and we’re excited to explore them with you.

Upcoming Star Trek IP

TNG’s first arc has just finished but in 2022, we’ll continue to bring familiar faces to Star Trek Fleet Command!

As our galaxy continues to expand, we’re excited to share more news with you in the coming months about upcoming additions to the game, like how you and your alliance will be able to explore Deep Space together! Keep your (big) ear lobes open!

Live long and prosper!


A Web Store has warped into the galaxy!

A Web Store has warped into the galaxy!


We released Star Trek Fleet Command on PC last week, and we are incredibly excited to see so many of you enjoying playing it already.

In addition, many of you expressed the desire to have access to it on other platforms as well. 

While we’re still evaluating those options, we’re happy to introduce in the meantime a way to access the PC offers through your web browser!

You can quickly go to our new Web Store from either your PC or mobile device, log in using your ScopelyID, and browse all the available offers.  You will get access to exactly the same offers available on PC, including the Multiphasic Credits!

Every purchase made on the Web Store will give you back the same in-game currency offered on PC, called “Multiphasic Credits”, which you will be able to spend in a new in-game store. 

Check out the Web Store here:

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Star Trek Fleet Command on a bigger screen!

Star Trek Fleet Command on a bigger screen!


Many thanks to those of you who took part in PC Version Early Access. Your feedback and patience is much appreciated.

We’re excited to officially announce the release of the PC version of Star Trek Fleet Command to our entire community. Starting today, September 20th, 2021, everybody will be able to download and play STFC on their PC.  

STFC on PC gives players a bigger screen, with an adjustable window. Need another reason to play today? We’ve got five!

1. Enter to win a limited edition STFC Borg PC!

Enter to win a chance to receive an exclusive Star Trek Fleet Command Borg Cube ATX by CherryTree and a Paramount+ Membership! We will be picking a winner every other week until January 9, 2022. That’s 8 chances to win! You MUST register for ScopelyID and log into our PC game to qualify to win. Existing players, claim our “PC Welcome Gift” to qualify to win!


CLICK HERE for Official Rules.

2. Claim your PC welcome gifts!

To celebrate this special moment we’re also giving out an exclusive Avatar, Frame, and 1600 Ultra Recruit Tokens ONLY TO PC players. You will be able to redeem them for free once you login to the PC version of the game at least one time starting September 20th, 2021!

If you are an existing player, just login to PC to claim it. If you are a new player, you will need to finish the tutorial.

3. Register to receive even more

Both new and existing players will receive an additional gift of 800 Ultra Recruit Tokens after registering for Scopely ID. You can register for ScopelyID on your mobile device, or on PC. If you have an existing game account you’ve been playing, register on your phone first.

4. Earn more 

Every purchase made through the PC platform, will give you a new in-game currency called “Multiphasic credits”, which you will be able to spend in a new in-game store. The new tab will appear in game once you’ve made a purchase from the PC platform.

You will be able to use them to redeem in-game packs like Ultra Station Upgrade Pack, Ultra Ship Power Pack, Ultra Interceptor Power Pack, Research Boost Packs and many more!

5. Claim an additional chest daily! 

If you’re playing on PC, you’ll be able to obtain an additional 24 hours daily chest!


If you have any questions related to the PC client, ScopelyID login, etc – check out our FAQ here!

Improvements made to the PC client 

  • Mouse scrolling has been improved.
  • Rescaled the PC UI & fixed various issues associated with UI rescaling.
  • PC game client window is now resizable.
  • Extended Zoom settings option for PC (this is also available on mobile)
  • A clipboard button has been added next to player ID in “Settings” (this is also available on mobile)
  • Chat is now automatically active when opening it, so you can start typing right away.
  • Pressing “Esc” no longer sends your message draft in chat.

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Patch 34 – Release notes

Patch 34 – Release notes


The last part of The Next Generation arc is here! TNG began back in May and has brought many exciting updates to Star Trek Fleet Command. This includes Exocomp Consumables, quality of life improvements, Away Teams, and much more. In addition to new officers, missions, and Battle Pass, this final part brings a requested update to Away Teams! Officers that are Uncommon and higher now have “Traits” which can be used to increase your chance of critical success on Away Teams assignments. Discover more on the last part of The Next Generation arc below!

Introducing the last part of Star Trek: The Next Generation arc!

“The Enterprise has been taken!”

The crew of the Enterprise-D has had a difficult few months lately, dealing with attacks from the Cardassians, the manipulation of the Progenitors, and the crushing truth that they will not be able to get home. Captain Picard’s answer to the low morale? Shore leave for the entire crew, of course!

However, things don’t quite go according to plan, as the Enterprise-D gets taken from under the crew’s noses. Who’s the culprit behind such a daring theft? None other than the de facto leader of the Outlaws, Ro Mudd.

Ro was desperate to get your attention, hence the shipjacking. Once again, she and the other Outlaws have found themselves in a tricky spot, with a corrupt Starfleet officer obsessed with taking them down once and for all. Will you be able to help the Outlaws break free from their pursuer? And more importantly, will the Enterprise crew ever get to have their shore leave?

“This is just another Tuesday for us…”

The fifth part of Star Trek: The Next Generation in September includes:

  • Away Teams Traits: New Traits added to existing Officers.
  • New Officers: Epic Three of Ten and Rare Tasha Yar.
  • New TNG missions!
  • TNG Event Store!
  • A new Battle Pass.
  • New events.
  • Five new Avatars.
  • Five new Frames.

Away Teams Traits

Most Uncommon, Rare, and Epic officers will have Traits added to them. These traits will be relevant in Away Team assignments, allowing you to increase your chance of Critical Success on Assignments that call for specific Traits to succeed.

You can read more about Away Teams on this dedicated page on our site!

Away Teams Improvements

  • Once an Assignment is completed, you will immediately get a new Assignment in that slot.
  • You can now assign Officers who are assigned to a docked (at station) ship to an Assignment from the Assignments screen.

New Officer

  • [Epic]  Three of Ten
    • Efficient Gas Acquisition: Increase Gas Mining Rate by X%.
    • Resource Protection Protocols: Increase Protected Cargo by X%.
  • [Rare] Tasha Yar
    • Security Officer: Reduce crit chance of mission hostiles by X%.
    • Code of Honor: Increase damage against all NPC Hostiles by X%.

Battle Pass

We are continuing with a new Battle Pass for this portion of this TNG arc. Claim Officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, and more by taking part in events over the month and earning your rewards!

Event Store

Alongside a selection of great events to keep you busy as we head into autumn, we are bringing back the Event Store that will feature resources, materials, ship blueprints, TNG Officer shards, and more, all from the TNG arc!

New Missions

The last arc of TNG brings 10 new missions available to players 35+, help Picard and his crew to fight their latest battles.


  • 1 Rare Tasha Yar Avatar
  • 1 Rare Tasha Yar Phaser Avatar
  • 1 Uncommon End Of Arc Avatar
  • 1 Epic Three Of Ten Avatar
  • 1 Rare BP Overflow Avatar


  • 1 Uncommon Traits Frame
  • 1 Rare Missions Frame
  • 1 Rare Tasha Yar Frame
  • 1 Rare Borg Nanoprobe Frame
  • 1 Uncommon End Of Arc Frame


  • Difficulty of common and uncommon Level 40+ Assignments have been lowered by 15-25%.
  • Buffed the Enterprise-A and Hegh’ta to make them more in-line with the Tribune.
  • When tapping on a location where several ships or hostiles are stacked together near a station or armada, the game now prioritizes tapping on the station or armada first.
  • Token Rarity and Grade are now shown in mission rewards, loot, and in object viewer.
  • Added ‘pressed’ highlight/effect on station building and various other tabs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the server time in the player profile would overlap with a “Help/FAQ” button.
  • Fixed an issue where Arkady’s ability would only provide 1 round of Morale instead of 3.
  • Fixed an issue where the information tooltip in battle logs would display 0 bonus values.
  • Fixed an issue where in some instances ships could get stuck in combat on poor connections.
  • Fixed an issue where ships could get stuck in station combat when using Vemet as captain.
  • Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances protected cargo in PvP combat was not respected for Parsteel/Tritanium/Dilithium.
  • Fixed an issue where the app can get stuck when opening the store just as a bundle comes off cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple ‘INFO’ buttons appear when tapping on Officers in an on-going Away Team assignment.
  • Fixed an issue where the app would freeze if the android back button is pressed just as a bundle is claimed or purchased.
  • Fixed an issue where the Armada rarity and level didn’t appear in the Alliance chat message when the coordinates are shared manually.
  • Fixed an issue where players would get kicked out of looking inside a Territory Capture system when locating a mission objective or tapping on system coordinates.
  • Fixed an issue where the Armada timer would sometimes visually freeze.
  • Fixed an issue where the Attack button is greyed out when viewing a mining player in another system.
  • Fixed an issue where a consumable buff may appear in the wrong slot.
  • Fixed an issue where resource tokens would be missing on some buttons.
  • Fixed an issue where Alliance tags showed as empty.
  • Fixed an issue where Officer Denna Troi’s art was missing on ‘A Great Escape Part 1’ and ‘…Part 2’ mission Dialogue.
  • Fixed an issue where banner notifications for when exocomp buffs expire were missing.
  • Fixed an issue where Worf looks shorter than other officers in the Officer screen.
  • Fixed roughly 5 localization issues.


A new home for Star Trek Fleet Command!

A new home for Star Trek Fleet Command!


We’re excited to present to you our new and improved site with the easy to recognize domain name:!

We’ve upgraded and streamlined the content from the existing site for a better experience. Additionally, we’re happy to inform you that we’re working on a PC version of Star Trek Fleet Command that will be coming soon.

Stay tuned!
Live Long and Prosper


Introducing a new way to login

Introducing a new way to login


We are happy to announce a unified new way to login to not only Star Trek Fleet Command, but all Scopely games! Your new login ID will allow you to backup your account, play cross-platform between Google and Apple, and much more!

How to create your Login

Starting today, August, 10 2021, we are slowly rolling out a unified login feature to all devices. This means you could get it today if you’re lucky, or you may have to wait up to a few weeks. 

Once you get the update v1.000.17470, go to the in-game Settings and click “General”,

Scroll down to the “Sign In” option and click “Sign In“.

Add your email address and password, then hit “Register

Once confirmed, you’ll be able to see that your account has been linked correctly!

Backup your Account

Once registered and logged in with your email, you can easily reinstall the game on another/new device. Since your progress has been saved, you can jump right into the action where you left off. Switching between multiple devices has never been easier! Enter the Scopely-verse and play other Scopely games (like WWE Champions) with your new ID. 

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Patch 33 – Release notes

Patch 33 – Release notes


The fourth part of The Next Generation arc has just warped into the galaxy, and it is bringing some big news! Explore new ways of playing Star Trek Fleet Command thanks to Exocomp Consumables, a new feature that will give you the chance to employ different strategies in the game, from fighting, to mining, to exploration.

Introducing the fourth part of Star Trek: The Next Generation arc!

“Our objective is clear. We free Worf from the Cardassians, and then search for a way home.”

The crew of the Enterprise-D has been facing a barrage of attacks and attempted sabotage from the Cardassians at every turn, with the Empire working at the behest of the mysterious beings known as the Progenitors. While the crew have taken some hits, their spirit remains unbroken.

The remaining objectives are clear: break Worf free from the clutches of the Cardassians, and find a way back to their own universe. But they’ll face resistance every step of the way, with the Cardassians relentless in their attacks, and the Progenitors trying to stop any ships from travelling inter-dimensionally.

Rescuing Worf will be challenging enough, but can Picard and his crew find their way home? More importantly, is there even a way for the crew to get home?

“Our window to act is small, and getting smaller.”

The fourth part of Star Trek: The Next Generation in August includes: 

  • New feature: Exocomp Consumables.
  • New Officers: Troi and Worf.
  • New TNG missions!
  • A new Battle Pass.
  • Five new Avatars.
  • Five new Frames!
  • New type of events.

Exocomp Consumables

This month, along with The Next Generation Part 4, we’re also launching a brand new feature previously mentioned in our Roadmap Update: Exocomp Consumables (aka Consumable Buffs)!

Players will be able to apply time limited Consumables to boost their capabilities for activities they wish to take in game. From mining, to building, to hunting.

Exocomp Consumables will provide players a way to increase their efficiency in how they want to take on their regular challenges.

A new building, the Exocomp Factory, will house the Exocomps, and will be required to unlock the feature.
Players level 16 and above will be able to access this building. As you upgrade the building, it will provide you with a free daily bundle of Axionic Chips, which are used to obtain Consumables, as well as providing more Exocomps (slots) so you can use more types of Consumables. 

Upgrading the Exocomp Factory also provides access to more powerful Consumables – 3* Consumables unlock at level 25, and 4* Consumables at level 40. Clicking the button above the building will also being you to the Consumables  Exocomp store tab, where you can claim and spend Axionic Chips.
You can read more about Exocomp Consumables on this dedicated page on our site!

New Officer

  • [Epic]  Troi
    • Telepathic Predictions: Reduce crit chance of Armadas by X%.
    • Nemesis: Increase damage against Romulan Hostiles and Armadas by X%.
  • [Rare]  Worf
    • Headlong Into Battle: Increase Warp Speed by X% after fighting a ship.
    • Only Fools Have No Fear: Against Non-Player targets, increase mitigation by X%.

Battle Pass

We are continuing with a new Battle Pass for this portion of this TNG arc. Claim officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, and more by taking part in events over the month and earning your rewards!

New Missions

‘Our objective is clear. We free Worf from the Cardassians, and then search for a way home.’

Break Worf free from the clutches of the Cardassians in 10 new missions obtained from the Battle Pass.
Additionally there will be five missions focused on an exclusive TNG side story for players level 42+.

Gameplay Improvements – 4* Mining Nodes increased

After listening to players’ feedback, we have increased the number of 4* material mining nodes by 50%. Given that more players are reaching higher ops levels in our game, we found it important to give everyone in their enough space to mine.

Graphic improvement – Tokens and Rarity

Wherever we are showing tokens, you will now be able to see their grades and rarity. This applies to the buttons, the rewards, and header amounts. You can find some examples below: 


  • 1 Epic Troi Avatar
  • 1 Rare Worf Avatar
  • 1 Uncommon Exocomp Avatar
  • 1 Uncommon ‘Good Tea, Nice house’ Avatar
  • 1 Rare Exocomp Factory Avatar


  • 1 Uncommon TNG Mission Frame
  • 1 Rare Betazoid Frame
  • 1 Rare Klingon Warrior Frame
  • 1 Uncommon Kriosian Frame
  • 1 Uncommon Valtese Frame

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that provided players with Officer “Tal” an advantage in hostile hunting events.
  • Fixed a graphic issue with the Android version of the game where, after resuming the app, the game looked stretched on some devices.
  • Fixed an issue where NPC Portraits in Object Viewer sometimes were white squares.
  • Fixed an issue where only one build queue is displayed after collecting a job and locating a ship.
  • Fixed an issue where the Inventory Store Button does not go to the store.
  • Fixed an issue where during the Tutorial sometimes, players get stuck on the mission panel screen.
  • Fixed an issue where certain researches (for example mining boosts) appear to be activated when they’re not.
  • Fixed an issue where a ship unexpectedly continues its attack path after it was intercepted by another ship.
  • Fixed an issue where the resource font size is inconsistent across various menus.
  • Fixed an issue where half the UI becomes unresponsive when the user proceeds into the faction store and quickly backs out before bundle contents load.
  • Fixed an issue where the description of several officer maneuvers are cut off in the battle report.


  • When starting an Away Team Assignment that costs Rare or Epic Star Charts, you can now view the balance of the relevant Star Charts that you own on the assignment screen.
  • ‘Store’ button in Inventory now opens the relevant store section (i.e. when in territory inventory it will open Territory Store).
  • All Borg Armadas and Mega Cube rewards have been increased for the Armada leader and all participants.
  • Players can now scan Alliance members’ ships and stations, except when the station is shielded.
  • The damage buff on the Shuttle Bay is now correctly showing up in your ship power levels outside of combat, as opposed to only seeing the buff in combat. 
  • When creating an Armada, the Armada rarity and level will be mentioned in the automatic message posted into Alliance chat.

Game information

Patch 32 – Release notes

Patch 32 – Release notes


The third part of The Next Generation arc has just landed into the galaxy. Fight together with Commander William Riker at the forefront of the Bajoran resistance against the Cardassian Empire. Join the action to experience a new officer, a new ship, and much more

Introducing the third part of Star Trek: The Next Generation arc!

“Good of you to join the fight, Captain.”

With the Enterprise-D mysteriously returned to its former glory, the time has come to find and rescue the rest of the crew and get them home to their own universe. But with dozens of crew members still out there, you’re facing a huge challenge.

You manage to track down Commander William Riker, who finds himself at the forefront of the Bajoran resistance against the rampant Cardassian Empire. And with the Cardassians holding many Enterprise-D crew members captive, the conflict is personal for Riker.

However, looming in the background is a threat that could be far more devastating than the war between the Bajorans and the Cardassians. Powers at play, much greater than yourself, are trying to stop the Enterprise crew from setting off a chain of events that could leave multiple universes in ruin…
Will you heed the chilling warning?
“I need to warn you about what’s happening. I’ve been shown something… Something terrible.”

The third part of Star Trek: The Next Generation in July includes: 

  • New Officer: Epic William Riker.
  • New Ship: The Meridian.
  • Four new Research Nodes.
  • Four new Ship Refits!
  • Fifteen new Missions.
  • Four new Avatars.
  • Three new Frames.
  • A new Battle Pass!

New Officer

  • [Epic]  William Riker
    • Vibrant Authority: Increase damage against Armada targets by X% per round (cumulative).
    • The Icarus Factor: Increase weapon damage against Federation Hostiles & Armada targets by X%.

New Ship: The Meridian

The Meridian has arrived in Star Trek Fleet Command and will surely be your fastest and most efficient Isogen mining vessel! Acquiring the ship unlocks a new Territory Capture refinery option which provides direct access to Territory Capture research particles and the new Iso-Resin material required for 4 new and powerful research nodes. Tiering up the Meridian will also increase the output of Territory Capture research particles and Iso-Resin.

The Meridian can be obtained by any players above lvl 25 through the Battle Pass during the July tentpole.

New Ship Refits

In March we introduced Ship Refits in-game, today we’re launching four new Ship Skin Refits, all of which give exclusive mining buffs!

  • [Uncommon] Meridian :
    • Unlocks a 3rd refinery batch (4 chests) for T1, T2, & T3 Isogen.
  • [Rare] USS Hydra :
    • +X% mining rate of Ore.
  • [Rare] B’Chor :
    • +X% mining rate of Gas.
  • [Rare] Vorta Vor:
    • +X% mining rate of Crystal.

New Daily Goal: Away Teams Assignment

Starting this month, you will have another way to complete your Daily Goals: Away Teams Assignments. Away Teams, introduced by Patch 30, gives you the possibility to send officers on Assignments and receive rewards! Now doing this will help you to gain more Daily Goal points and obtain more speed ups!

Research Nodes

This month we will also bring new research nodes in the Territory Capture tree, providing powerful buffs which reduce PvP damage taken, increase PvP damage when defending, increase max cargo for survey ships, and increase all damage when attacking or defending a Capture or Mining node.

New Armadas timings

After listening to your feedback, we decided to considerably increase the spawning time of the Armadas. You can find new Armada respawn times below – find & defeat those powerful enemies and obtain your high reward!

  • G3 Uncommon Armadas will have an avg. 15 minute timer (5 min variability)
  • G3 Rare Armadas will have an avg. 15 minute timer (5 min variability)
  • G3 Epic Armadas will have an avg. 60 minute timer (30 min variability)
  • G4 Armadas will remain the same for now.

Battle Pass

We have a new Battle Pass to continue The Next Generation arc. It offers full unlock of the new Meridian ship, Riker officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, and more! Unlock tiers and content by participating in events throughout the month, or purchasing the Premium Pass for additional rewards.

New Missions

Works alongside Riker to fight the Bajoran resistance in fifteen new missions to free this Enterprise-D crew held by the Cardassian Empire. Ten of those missions will be obtained through the BP.


  • 1 Uncommon Meridian Avatar
  • 1 Rare Riker Plays Trombone Avatar
  • 1 Epic Riker Avatar
  • 1 Epic Holodeck Games Avatar


  • 1 Uncommon Isogen Frame
  • 1 Epic Holodeck Games Frame
  • 1 Epic Riker’s Beard Frame


  • Player Preferences and “new” flags are now stored on the cloud.
  • Federation, Romulan and Klingon Survey Hostiles below level 40 are now properly classified as faction hostiles, so that faction related buffs work against them. 
  • A new star system has been implemented between Bajoran and Cardassian to reduce warping time.
  • Players will be able to jump from one round to another using new up/down buttons in the Battle Log view.
  • Completed daily goals will be sorted to the top of the list.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Territory Capture where the players were kicked from looking into owned territories if they viewed any menu while in the system view.
  • Fixed a graphic issue with the system Vemet to avoid overlapping paths with Kepler-018.
  • Fixed an occasional app freeze when looking into systems while playing on a phone in Swiss German locale.
  • Fixed an issue with Away Teams timer that was stuck at 00M 00S.
  • Fixed a graphic issue with the object viewer art for NPC in “Rewriting the Past Part 1”
  • Fixed a graphic issue where some Patch 31 missions were missing their art.
  • Fixed roughly 24 localization issues.

Game information

Patch 31 – Release notes

Patch 31 – Release notes


Today, we are delighted to bring you the second arc of The Next Generation. Many of you expressed your appreciation and gratitude when we launched TNG a month ago, but you all noted that something fundamental was missing. Yes, this month Picard will be coming during a special event!

Make It So!

Introducing the second part of Star Trek: The Next Generation arc!

“Should we investigate Cardassian space and Worf’s escape pod, or try to find Captain Picard’s whereabouts?”

Having returned Data, Geordi La Forge, and Dr. Beverly Crusher to the Enterprise-D, you find yourself with a difficult decision to make. You have leads on the whereabouts of both Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lieutenant Worf’s pod. However, both seem to be located in dangerous areas, and you must decide who to pursue first.

With the lead to Captain Picard, it seems he has survived by making a living in an Arkonian Mercenary system. However, with a slew of suspicious eyes watching him every day, how will you be able to evacuate him from such a difficult situation?

Meanwhile, the signal from Worf’s escape pod seems to lead into Cardassian territory. Notorious for their ruthless, violent ways, you shudder to think what may happen if they find the Klingon crew member, if they haven’t already.

Who will you try to find first? Time is ticking away, and you have to make the call.

“Captain Picard is surrounded by criminals and weapons smugglers. I know he can fend for himself, but only for so long.”

The second part of Star Trek: The Next Generation in June includes: 

  • New Officers: Epic Picard and Rare Wesley Crusher.
  • New Armadas within deep space.
  • New Battle Pass.
  • New Ship Projectiles!
  • Fifteen new Missions.
  • Five new Avatars.
  • Four new Frames.
  • Eleven new Alliance Emblems!

New Officers

  • [Epic]  Picard
    • Increase effectiveness of combat-related officer abilities by 2*X%.
    • When fighting hostiles or Armadas, increase Crit Damage by X%.
  • [Rare]  Wesley Crusher
    • When fighting Armadas/Hostiles, increases weapon damage by X% of Crew Attack.
    • Increase own stats by X%.

New Missions

Help Picard in a new set of ten new missions! Since The Next Generation landed in our universe, we introduced a brand new storyline. In addition to Ten new missions related to TNG, we will be having also 5 exclusive Missions focused on Picard! Those missions are targeted for players 30+.

New Ship Projectiles

In April we introduced the Ship Projectiles in-game. Today we’re launching three new Ship Projectiles, two of which come with exclusive buffs when unlocked!

  • Refractive Beam, a new Epic projectile:
    • Increase accuracy, shield penetration, and armor penetration by 20%.
  • Positron Phaser, a new Rare projectile:
    • Increase damage by 10%.
  • Plasma Beam, a new Uncommon projectile.

New Alliances Emblems

We are delighted to add 11 new Alliance Emblems based on the The Next Generation series that you will be able to use to represent your alliance in your server!

New Armadas

New powerful Armadas have been discovered around the galaxy, more powerful than G3 Armadas. Find & defeat those powerful enemies and obtain your high reward!

  • G4 Uncommon Armadas will be level 41, 43, 46, and 49.
  • G4 Rare Armadas will be level 41, 44. 47, and 50.
  • G4 Epic Armads will be level 42, 45, 48, and 51.

Battle Pass

We have a new Battle Pass to continue The Next Generation arc. Claim officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, Away Teams resources, and more by taking part in events throughout the month, and earn your rewards!


  • 1 Epic Picard Avatar
  • 1 Epic Picard Facepalm Avatar
  • 1 Rare Wesley Avatar
  • 1 Uncommon TNG Badge Avatar
  • 1 Rare Strategema Avatar


  • 1 Rare Motile Vine Plant Frame
  • 1 Uncommon TNG Mission Frame
  • 1 Uncommon TNG Uniform Frame
  • 1 Rare Ship Projectile Frame

Improvements – Fog of War

Based on the feedback given from you, the players, we’re happy to announce that we’ve improved the Fog of War. From now on, if you’re part of an alliance that owns territories in TC, you will be able to see those territories without having a ship or station located inside.

Other improvements

  • Improved spawn rate of rare and epic G3 armadas. Epics now respawn 100% faster. Rares now respawn 50% faster on average, particularly in lower-level systems.
  • Officers are now sorted by name in the carousel.
  • Added an animation to the Daily collection button to make it more visible when a Daily Goals chest is ready to collect!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Pike’s ability text that wasn’t described as it’s currently working. 
  • Fixed an issue with Federation Faction Points overlapping the Romulan Faction icon in Object Viewer’s Rewards Widget.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Station to be visible in the Galaxy view
  • Fixed an issue with the Alliance screen that was remaining stuck when entering the screen for the first time
  • Fixed a visual bug that was causing the officer on assignment to change when tapping on the blank area during the assignment in progress screen.
  • Fixed an issue with officers that were appearing in 2D models in missions’ dialogue.
  • Fixed an issue with event rewards that were not being displayed correctly. 
  • Fixed an issue with the scanner in Faction system that was showing Rewards pop overlapped
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Ghost Hostiles to spawn once defeated one 
  • Fixed portraits used for Swarm Clusters.
  • Fixed an issue causing a pink patch to appear on the empty module and officers’ screen.
  • Fixed roughly six localization issues.