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Patch 41 – Release Notes

Patch 41 – Release Notes


Introducing the Lower Decks arc!

“This isn’t a friendship, it’s a starship. Are you a star or not?”

Nothing ruins breakfast like a work assignment. Especially when it’s anomaly consolidation day – or the day when an evil Super Computer decides to follow you halfway across the quadrant for some sweet revenge!

Ensigns Boimler, Mariner, Tendi and Rutherford find themselves in the thick of the action when AGIMUS, the evil mastermind (and controller of the dimmer switch) finds a way to hijack the Commander’s Station and use it for its own nefarious means.

Lower Decks kicks off with the introduction of the USS Cerritos: a California-class utility vessel that specializes in giving Support to other ships. Three new officers arrive, with new and unique Below Deck Abilities that will provide powerful benefits only when outside of the bridge. Lastly, a novel Wednesday Event and a new Battle Pass that provide new ways to earn and unlock even more!

The Lower Decks arc includes:

  • New Ship: USS Cerritos
  • New Below Deck Officer abilities
  • New Research: Starships tree
  • Twenty five new missions
  • Three new Lower Decks officers
  • Thirteen new Avatars & four new Frames

New Ship: USS Cerritos

The USS Cerritos is a new California-class utility ship with a powerful active ability – Support – that can target your own ships, other alliance members, and any other player! Support another ship to give it a temporary increase to base damage. You can gain additional valuable benefits while Supported by completing research in the new Starships Tree.

The USS Cerritos will be available to build for players level 36 and above. During the Lower Decks arc, the ship can be acquired through the Offers tab or a partial unlock through the Elite Battle Pass milestone rewards. After the Lower Decks arc, Cerritos blueprints will be sourced through offers and special events.

New Feature: Below Deck Officers

Lower Decks introduces a new kind of officer: Below Deck Officers! When these officers are placed below decks, a new powerful ability will be activated for them. Below Deck officers can also be used as traditional bridge officers and provide an ability, however their power is fully unleashed when below deck.

Mariner, Boimler, and Badgey are the first officers to have these new Below Deck abilities. Badgey can be fully unlocked through this month’s free Battle Pass; Mariner and Boimler will be available through events. Unlock these officers to try out this new ability!

New Officers

  • [Epic] Mariner, now available as an Epic Officer:
    • Below Deck Ability: Wingin’ It
      • Increase Weapon Damage by X%
    • Officer Ability: Get It together!
      • Increase Attack of all Officers by Y%
  • [Rare] Boimler, now available as a Rare Officer
    • Below Deck Ability: The Boimler Effect
      • Increase Mitigation by X%
    • Officer Ability: The Real Action
      • Increase Piercing by Y%
  • [Uncommon] Badgey, now available as an Uncommon Officer:
    • Below Deck Ability: Haha! You’re Going to Die!
      • Increase Piercing by X%
    • Officer Ability: Whee! Murder!
      • Reduce enemy Mitigation by Y% (Does not include armadas)

New Missions

  • 10 new missions kick off the Lower Decks universe! Join Mariner, Boimler, Rutherford and Tendi as they chaotically aim to restore order on the USS Cerritos after AGIMUS is unleashed on the Commander’s Station.
  • Learn about the new USS Cerritos in 5 new missions where you join our beloved ensigns as they Support a Constitution class vessel that aims to stop a budding civil war in a planet full of zealots.
  • Join Rutherford and Tendi on 5 new missions where their pursuit of technological advancement backfires and a spatial anomaly is formed.
  • Join Mariner and Boimler on 5 new missions where an away assignment goes wrong and they find themselves at the mercy of a sentient repair facility.

Battle Pass

An all-new Battle Pass featuring new officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, and more! Unlock tiers and content by participating in events throughout the month or purchasing the Premium Pass.

Web Store Update!

The new and improved web store now offers exclusive bundles and, for a limited time, a free Epic Officer Shard which can be claimed daily. On top of that, you will continue to earn Multiphasic Credits with every purchase you make! Check out our blog post for more information!


  • Uncommon Badgey Avatar
  • Uncommon Rumdar Avatar
  • Uncommon Lt. Matt Avata
  • Rare Mariner Avatar
  • Rare Boimler Avatar
  • Rare USS Cerritos Avatar
  • Rare Lower Decks Riker Avatar
  • Rare Excretus Avatar
  • Rare Red Shirt Boimler Avatar
  • Rare Ransom Floating Head Avatar
  • Rare Vindicta Avtar
  • Rare Gold Miles O’Brien Avatar
  • Epic Tom Paris Plate Avatar


  • Uncommon Holodeck Frame
  • Rare USS Cerritos Frame
  • Epic Lower Decks Frame
  • Epic Boimler Effect Frame


  • Added the ability to export Battle logs on PC version.
  • Research Projects daily goal “Go” button will now lead you to the general “Research tree” screen instead of to the specific “Combat Research” tree.
  • Players now will be able to see the rarity of the rewards from the preview screen with a color graded rarity border.
  • The PC version of the game will not minimize when clicking on a second screen having the game in full screen mode.
  • Selecting specific graphic options in the PC version will now show which ones are activated in the general graphic settings screen.
  • Percentages in the officer upgrade screen will now show always in the same format.
  • Last officer filter in the Away Teams screen now will remain the same when moving to any other screen and back.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where intercepting animation (course to attack) sometimes wasn’t visible.
  • Fixed an issue where the intercept line disappears when the player attacks someone and changes the scene.
  • Fixed an issue where the player name change did not update in real time, “Name already in use” pop-up also delayed.
  • Fixed an issue where the rarity animation on officer profile icons has low-resolution on PC.
  • Fixed an issue where both Armada members list and background Zoom in, Zoom out are functional while scrolling the list using mouse.
  • Fixed an issue where the background appears scrollable using keyboard Arrow keys while on mission dialogue.
  • Fixed an issue where Emojis couldn’t be used in Alliance announcement/public profile.
  • Fixed an issue where an animation on the Syndicate HUD button fails to appear when there is a claimable bundle within the syndicate menu.
  • Fixed an issue where after clicking on “>” button on the graphics setting menu, the newly opened options window is seen on the main Settings screen instead of getting closed after pressing the ESC button.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Set Course” appears on the Armada button instead of “Join” When the player tries to re-join the Armada.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bridge officer ability’s description is cutting off on the top of the Officer’s Assignment screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the locked Officers get tabs from the unlocked Officers on the Officer upgrade screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the Class icon of Officers are not visible on first preview of the chest bundle.
  • Fixed an issue where art fails to load the first time the Event store is opened.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cargo capacity – added decimals to the ship cargo capacity. Ship details screen will still show rounded values, which will be addressed at a later release.
  • Fixed an issue where a 00s timer is seen on Speed up pop-up when its timer is under 5mins.
  • Fixed an issue where the buttons are not functional on the Insufficient resources pop-up when claiming Treasury.
  • Various localisation fixes

Live long and prosper, Commanders.


Roadmap update – March 2022

Roadmap update – March 2022


As we head into 2022, we wanted to share more of our exciting roadmap for this year! Since our last roadmap update, we released Ship Cloaking, Officer Presets, The Syndicate, 2nd Repair Queue, Extra Drydock and much more.

Now, let’s talk about the rest of this year. As always, details are subject to change, as may the order and timing of their eventual release, but we hope you’ll enjoy our sneak peek into the future.

Thanks again for all your time and passion.

Let’s get started!

Below Deck Officers

Being a deck officer means you share in all the glory and responsibility of running a starship! Yet a starship is a lot more than just the Bridge! Many officers below deck contribute just as much to the overall success of the missions.

That’s exactly what the new Below Deck Officers contribute: These officers might not have the best Bridge abilities or synergies, but they can help and contribute via the lower deck section and give you that extra edge in battles. Coming soon to a starship near you.

*Please be aware that the screenshot is a work-in-progress and may differ from the final version*

Server vs. Server Features

In March, we launched our first in-game server vs. server events, and we are looking to expand on that concept later this year.

Aside from Leaderboards and fun events between servers that we are looking to increase beyond 1v1, we are also working on a way for servers to physically invade one another and bring their ships (temporarily) to a “new universe”.

These engaging limited time events will put your server and Alliance against other servers’ Alliances in direct epic space battles.

Alliance Star Bases 

Ever thought what it would be like to run a bigger Space Station? Alliance Star Bases will give Alliances the ability to build and expand their very own Space Stations. Each Alliance Star Base will provide unique abilities, exclusive mining nodes, and extra defenses for each members’ own bases.

This feature is in early development, so we are happy to hear some great ideas and early feedback from the community on it.

Old & New Star Trek IP

We have some very exciting shows and characters coming this year and we can’t wait to welcome them all to Star Trek Fleet Command. From new shows to the top fan favorites from Star Trek’s tv history, we have a packed year with lots of new features, officers, ships, missions and much more!

Live long and prosper, Commanders.

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Patch 38 – Release Notes

Patch 38 – Release Notes


The Romulan-Klingon war has torn the galaxy apart. As the great powers stay fixated on the conflict, the plight of the common people goes unnoticed. Our galaxy lies at a precipice, Commander. How far are you willing to go to bring peace?

Introducing the fourth and final part of the Duality Arc!

“This war will only end one way, with the destruction of a people… and it will not be mine.” Thousands lay dead, millions more displaced, their homes lost to them forever. As the eyes of the great powers stay fixated on the conflict, the plight of the common people goes unnoticed. But not by Worf. The Son of Mogh is as dedicated as ever to reaching a peace settlement. He will stop at nothing to ensure that no more innocent lives are lost in a worthless war. But it will not be so easy. Worf will learn that bad blood can run deep, and some conflicts cannot be solved with mere words… Our galaxy lies at a precipice, Commander.

How far are you willing to go to bring peace?

The fourth part of Star Trek: Duality Arc in January includes:

  • New Ship: The Amalgam
  • Twenty new missions.
  • Three new officers.
  • Six new Exocomp Consumables.
  • Two new Cloaking Refits.
  • Duality Arc Event store!!!
  • Six new avatars and six new frames.

New Ship: The Amalgam

The Amalgam is a new Pakled vessel available for players level 31+. With the unique ability to fill its cargo and then exceed it by stealing a % of its target’s cargo, it is specialized in raiding large quantities of resources from enemy stations. The Amalgam also has its own gameplay activity which revolves around raiding Supply Ships in the Klingon and Romulan systems introduced in Duality Arc Part 1. Refine Plundered Cargo to upgrade the Amalgam, earn exclusive Faction reputation Exocomps, Honorguard Worf shards, and unlock Refits and Projectiles.

New Officers

  • [Rare] Ba’el, now available as a Rare Officer
    • Captain Maneuver: Klingon Valor
      • Increase All Weapon damage by X%
    • Officer Ability: Romulan Tact
      • Increase Armor by Y% of total Crew Attack
  • [Rare] B’Etor, now available as a Rare Officer
    • Captain Maneuver: Behind The Scenes
      • Increase Cloaking Duration by X%
    • Officer Ability: Varied Income Streams
      • When on the Amalgam, B’Etor boosts the Amalgam’s bonus loot ship ability by Y%.
  • [Uncommon] Lursa, now available as an Uncommon Officer:
    • Captain Maneuver: Adapt As Necessary
      • Reduce Cloaking cooldown by X seconds.
    • Officer Ability: Fear Is Power
      • When attacking players, decrease their weapon damage by Y%.

New Exocomp Consumables!

Unlock six new powerful Exocomp Consumable Buffs through the Amalgam’s refinery!

  • 3 increase Federation, Klingon, or Romulan reputation gained in combat by 40%/70%/100%
  • 3 decrease Federation, Klingon, or Romulan reputation losses in combat by 50%

New Cloaking Refits

Two new cloaking refits arrive for the Quv’Sompek and Sanctus. Acquiring a cloaking refit permanently unlocks a ship’s cloaking active ability.  Both cloaking refits provide a significant increase to damage dealt when an attack is initiated while cloaked. Owners of the ships may acquire them in the Offers tab.

Additionally, the new Amalgam ship launches with its own Cloaking Refit, available to unlock in the Amalgam’s new refinery.

New Battle Pass

An all-new Battle Pass featuring new officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, and more! Unlock tiers and content by participating in events throughout the month or purchasing the Premium Pass.

Event store

A Duality Arc Event Store will arrive during Part 4, providing new opportunities to earn a majority of the content released during Duality including Cloaking Refits, Officer Shards, and Avatars and Frames.

New Missions

Ten new missions conclude the Duality Arc! Join Worf and stop at nothing to put an end to the conflict which has torn the galaxy apart. How far are you willing to go to bring peace? Acquire the Amalgam to unlock five new missions where you’ll aid the Pakled opportunists scavenging the wreckage of the war. Wield the Amalgam to harvest the unclaimed spoils of war! Join Ba’el on five new missions to learn more about the ramifications of the hybrid’s actions in Romulan and Klingon society.


  • Uncommon Lursa Avatar
  • Uncommon Base Raider Avatar
  • Rare Ba’el Avatar
  • Rare B’etor Avatar
  • Epic Pakled Avatar


  • Uncommon Parsteel Frame
  • Rare Tritanium Frame
  • Epic Dilithium Frame
  • Rare Base Raider Frame
  • Epic Pakled Frame
  • Epic Alliance Champion Frame


  • Players now can collapse the building, researching, ship constructing and scrapping queues in the HUD to optimize screen space.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where upgrading the warp engine in the Nova ship could display a decrease in the warp range
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading the warp engine for some G5 ships displayed a decrease in warp range.
  • Fixed an issue where the Klingon G5 ship blueprint Away Team assignment gives out incorrect blueprints.
  • Fixed an issue where officer synergy flashes inconsistently in the assigned officer screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Syndicate icon in the HUD wouldn’t flash when a player has a bundle to claim.
  • Fixed an issue where an exocomp error would pop-up after tapping on the unlock button on the “officer preset” in the chest summary.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to finish Mission: Liberation 1 due to mission objectives NPC’s being too close to the edge of the system, and thus unreachable.
  • Fixed an issue where a cloaked ship may visually display the wrong timer after being swapped for another ship.
  • Fixed an issue where a ship couldn’t be repaired even if the player had enough resources to do so.
  • Fixed an issue where login sometimes gets stuck on PC when the ScopelyID account creation is aborted.
  • Fixed an issue where the value of the ship ability description will not have a number alongside the percentage.
  • Fixed an issue where the ship’s ability would overlap in the battle log with the SHP and HHP.
  • Fixed an issue where Armada battle timers and Armada directives would not appear when clicking on the Armada target.
  • Fixed an issue where the ship ability of the following ships was not triggering correctly: USS Crozier, QU’V SOMPEK, Sanctus, Gladius and B’REL.
  • Fixed roughly 12 localization issues.

Game information

Patch 37 – Release Notes

Patch 37 – Release Notes


The Duality Arc continues with 25 new missions and the debut of all-new power to obtain from the Orion Syndicate. Earn the trust of the Syndicate to acquire unique benefits, an exclusive officer, the debut of Officer Presets, and much more. Prepare for war with 3 new Officers, 20+ new Territory Capture research tree nodes, and the addition of a 3rd Permanent Research Queue! It’s time to take a stand in the Klingon-Romulan war.

Introducing the Third part of the Duality Arc!

It has been four months since the Battle of Kaisu, and the tensions between the Romulans and Klingons are ever increasing. Peace has never been further out of reach. After the Romulan attack at Kaisu, the galaxy has fallen into an all-out war. Luckily, someone is trying to bridge the gap between these two races with a centuries-old grudge: Roj, the Peacebringer.  But achieving peace between these warring races will not be easy. Will you hold the course and pursue diplomacy with the Romulans or take the Klingons’ side and fight under them? Beware, Commander, for a war such as this is bound to have its casualties… “Take a stand in the Klingon-Romulan war.”

The third part of Star Trek: Duality Arc in December includes:

  • The Syndicate: Prove your loyalty to the new Orion Syndicate for valuable rewards!
  • Officer presets are here: earn slots for saved officer crews through Syndicate progression!
  • 3rd Permanent Research Queue.
  • Twenty-five new missions.
  • Three new officers.
  • Cryonic Blast Projectile.
  • Cloaking Refits for ISS Jellyfish and Sarcophagus.
  • Twenty new TC Research nodes!
  • A new Battle Pass with new events, missions, and cosmetics.

The Syndicate!

The Syndicate has arrived. Progress through Syndicate tiers to unlock new Officer Presets, powerful unique buffs, an exclusive officer (Ghrush), Daily Goal progress multipliers, 5 Frames, and more! The Syndicate can be accessed from a new button in the top left of the HUD beneath your power. You can earn Syndicate XP from select events, a daily claim within the Syndicate menu, or from the Offers tab.

You can read more about The Syndicate on this dedicated page on our site!

Officer Presets

Available from level 4 of The Syndicate, Officer Presets allow you to create, name, and save specific sets of bridge officers which may then be assigned to your preferred ship. Officer Presets can be accessed within the “Assign Officers” screen by tapping on a new button above your bridge officers.

You can unlock multiple Officer Preset slots through the Syndicate. One additional slot will also be for sale this month in the Offers tab.

3rd Permanent Research Queue!

A 3rd permanent Research Queue is now available! Unlock to enable the ability to have three simultaneous research projects underway at once by purchasing an Extra Research Queue pack in the Offers tab.

New Officers

  • [Epic] Ghrush
    • Captain Maneuver: What’s Mine is Mine
      • +100% Protected Cargo
    • Officer Ability: Fight or Flight
      • Increase Warp Range % (+6% / 8% / 10% / 12% / 15%)
  • [Rare] Martok
    • Captain Maneuver: Supreme Commander
      • Increase Kinetic Weapon damage by X%.
    • Officer Ability: Unwavering Loyalty
      • Increase Dodge by Y% of total Crew Defense (+200% / 500% / 800% / 1100% / 1400%)
  • [Rare] Gowron
    • Captain Maneuver: Glorious Gaze
      • Increase Energy Weapon damage by X%.
    • Officer Ability: Wartime Chancellor
      • Increase Shield Deflection by Y% of total Crew Health (+200% / 500% / 800% / 1100% / 1400%).

Territory Capture Research Tree Extension

Unlock new power from 20+ new research nodes added to the Territory Capture research tree, including nodes affecting the chance for cloaked attackers to remain anonymous, greater impulse speed, greater warp speed, alongside impactful combat and efficiency buffs.

New Missions

15 new core missions continue the Duality Arc. After the Romulan attack at Kaisu, the galaxy has fallen into an all-out war. Luckily, someone is trying to bridge the gap between these two races with a centuries-old grudge: Roj, the Peacebringer. Learn about the mysterious Orion Syndicate with 5 new missions. Earn their favor to unlock new, exclusive power and rewards. Return to the Origin Sector with 5 new missions to explore the ongoing conflict as independents battle to capture territory. There will also be 5 new missions to introduce the Orion Syndicate.

New Cloaking Refits

Two new Ship Cloaking Refits are now available for both the Sarcophagus (lvl 30+) and ISS Jellyfish (lvl 39+).

New Battle Pass

An all-new Battle Pass featuring new officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, and more! Unlock tiers and content by participating in events throughout the month or purchasing the Premium Pass.


  • Epic Ghrush Avatar
  • New Year’s Eve 2022 Avatar
  • Rare Gowron Avatar
  • Rare Martok Avatar
  • Uncommon Star Trek Holiday Sweater Avatar


  • Epic Gowron Frame
  • Rare Holiday Season 2021 Frame
  • Uncommon New Year’s 2022 Frame
  • Uncommon Martok Frame
  • 5 Syndicate Frames earned exclusively through the Syndicate progression


  • Added a function that allows you to compare all your faction standings in the faction store without the need of going through each tab.
  • Added a UI improvement that allows you to see how much of your Parsteel, Tritanium, and Dilithium is protected by clicking on the resources on the top right corner of your screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the player’s power was not displayed correctly in Armadas.
  • Fixed an issue where ship components could not be upgraded, even if the player had enough resources for the upgrade. 
  • Fixed an issue where some players could see the officers’ name of an attacking player even if they were cloaked. 
  • Fixed an issue where player or alliance names could appear blank or with blank spaces.
  • Fixed an issue where mission and ship blueprints could appear corrupted in the faction store.
  • Fixed an issue where a building upgrade would not start after speeding up a previous one in the building queue.
  • Fixed an issue where a player could see a duplicate exocomp slot after joining/leaving an alliance.
  • Fixed an issue where iOS players would see a battle notification with a player displaying as “unknown” instead of “Cloaked Player” after a cloaked player attacked.
  • Fixed an issue where the Total Strength of a station wasn’t displaying properly after a certain amount of strength was surpassed. 
  • Fixed an issue where Ferengi Traders were missing in some Borg systems.
  • Fixed an issue where a ship strength was not displaying properly in the officers’ assignment screen after a certain ship strength was surpassed. 
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Ekin Rebuilding Project’ mission was requiring an incorrect requirement of warp capacity. 
  • Fixed roughly 5 localization bugs.

Game information

Patch 36 – Release Notes

Patch 36 – Release Notes


The Klingons and Romulans have ramped up their war machines in an effort to resolve their conflict over the mysterious hybrid, Roj. Time is running out, and the outcome rests in your hands. Part Two of the Duality arc expands on Ship Cloaking technology and its impact in battle. The Federation have found a way to acquire the highly controversial device, and are now prepared to run their own stealth operations.. New research opportunities have been developed to further increase the effectiveness of Cloaking, allowing for ever more devious plots and schemes to be hatched.

Introducing the Second part of the Duality Arc!

“We must discuss our plans to rescue the hybrid from Romulan captivity.”

Your last attempt at retrieving the hybrid Roj was a failure. Following a trail of breadcrumbs, you learned that you were too late – he was already in the clutches of the Romulans. Now, it is time to try again. 

Storming a secret prison in Romulan space is not going to be easy. Luckily, you have your choice of allies. Take your pick of the Klingons or the Enterprise Crew to help you in your rescue attempt, and make sure you succeed… or lose Roj to the Romulans for good. 

Trouble is brewing on the horizon, Commander… What are the Romulans planning next? How will the Klingons respond? Can you take things in hand before this escalates into an all-out war? Only time will tell…

The second part of Star Trek: Duality Arc in November includes:

  • New Second Repair queue!
  • An important update regarding the Territory Capture!
  • Four new Ship Cloaking Refits.
  • Twenty new missions.
  • Three new officers, including two Epic ones.
  • Ten new Research nodes.
  • A New Battle Pass! 
  • Nine new avatars and Four new frames.

New Second Repair Queue!

We heard your feedback, and we delivered. Today we’re introducing into Star Trek Fleet Command the Second Repair Queue! Following in the footsteps of second builder and second researcher, players will now be able to repair more than one ship at a time, getting their fleet back into the action faster than before.

Territory Capture – Important Update

During this month we will be making some adjustments to Territory Capture (TC) based on the feedback we received. TC launched almost a year ago, and is due for some improvements!

We will make the following changes to T3 territories in the upcoming November update:

  • T3 service buffs will be greatly increased to make them more valuable to the Alliances who activate them 
  • To shake things up, T3 service locations will also be moved to different Zones to give Alliances a chance to compete for them
  • There will be a week-long event around capturing new Zones in both November and December with extra rewards

Lastly, we will add more TC events down the road with more rewards and services.

We are looking forward to your feedback on these changes and about TC in general, don’t hesitate to join our Official Discord and share yours!

New Officers

  • [Epic] Sela
    • Captain Maneuver: Hit Them Where it Hurts
      • Increase critical hit damage by X% when cloaked.
    • Officer Ability: Civilised Persistence
      • Each time the ship hits in PVP, reduce enemy crit chance by X%.
  • [Rare] Tomalak
    • Captain Maneuver: Patient Tactician
      • Increase all penetration stats by X% while cloaked.
    • Officer Ability: Death Over Disgrace
      • Increase damage against Klingon targets by X% of the crew’s Attack.
  • [Epic] Eleven Of Eleven
    • Captain Maneuver: Efficient Crystal Acquisition
      • Increases Crystal mining speed by 60%.
    • Officer Ability: Advanced Warp Theory
      • Increases warp speed by X%.

New Cloaking Refits

Exciting news here! Cloaking Refits have been introduced for four additional ships:

  • G3 Enterprise
  • G4 Enterprise-A
  • Vor’cha
  • Corvus

In addition to these new cloaking refits, the cloaking refits for the level 26, and level 28 Romulan and Klingon ships will be available in their respective faction stores for players with appropriate reputation with each faction.

Webstore Improvements

Less than a month ago we launched the Web Store, which has been acclaimed with great enthusiasm from our community. Today we’re happy to announce that we made additional improvements, which include:

  • Localization in 8 languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean
  • Claim free gifts in the mobile client or Web Store including 10 Minute, 4 Hour and 24 Hour free chests!
  • It is now possible to claim the PC 24 Hour Free Chest in the Web Store
  • It is now possible to claim the PC Welcome Gift from the Webstore – only available once per account. 

Check out the new improvements!

New Cloaking Daily Goals

Together with new Cloaking Refits, we’ve introduced two new Daily Goals! Both score off destroying an enemy while your ship is cloaked, and upon claiming a completed Daily Goal. Players will be able to use the rewards to invest into the research nodes to power up further.

New Research Nodes

Additionally 10 Research nodes have been introduced. Many of these research nodes will require a new resource granted by completing the new Cloaking Daily Goals. The first research will be available starting at lvl 26. 

  • Increase cloaking duration for all ships
  • Increase cloaking duration for Klingon ships
  • Increase cloaking duration for Romulan ships
  • Increase Armada mitigation while cloaked
  • Increase Crit Damage while cloaked
  • Increase SHP for all ships
  • Increase HHP for all ships

And 3 Prime nodes:

  • Increase Research Payout from Daily Goals
  • Increase Officer stats
  • Increase PVP damage while cloaked

New Battle Pass and New Missions!

A new month, a new Battle Pass. Part two of the Duality Arc will feature a Romulan themed Battle Pass, providing Officer shards, Research materials, cosmetics, missions, materials, and currency for a Prime Node. Progress through the Battle Pass by participating in events throughout the month. Unlock even more rewards by purchasing the Premium Pass!

Roj has been captured. You are going to have to storm a secret prison across ten new missions in Romulan space to rescue Roj before it is too late.

As tensions mount, Starfleet must make the controversial decision to abandon Federation principles, and utilise the cloaking technology in five new missions.

Tomalak is growing suspicious of his compatriot Sela, in five new missions. However, perhaps some doors are best left unopened?

New Additional L33 Borg Systems

We’ve heard your frustration around the lack of L33 Borg systems when hunting Borg hostiles, especially during event times. We are adding 3 new L33 systems to every server to help with the congestion players have been telling us about.

New Independent Miner Refits

The L52 Independer Miner ship, Nova, released last month, will be getting three new ship refits. One for each of the factions. Each faction refit will provide the Nova (and only the Nova) with a 250% increase in mining rate of the specified resource in their sections of space.


  • Eleven Of Eleven
  • Sela
  • Tomalak
  • Duality Arc
  • Thanksgiving
  • Romulan Banner
  • Immortals Banner
  • Tomalak Insignia
  • STFC 3rd Anniversary


  • Sela Phaser
  • Duality
  • Tomalak
  • Borg Animated


  • Made station defense easier by ensuring that when selecting ships around the player’s station, their own station is the lowest selection priority.
  • Added additional link to privacy policy inside the in-game settings.
  • Added failure/success animations to away team mission results.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected D’jaoki’s ability description to reflect that it increases the Armor, Shield Deflection, and Dodge of the ship.
  • Fixed an issue with the warp path from Mires to Caelum. It has been adjusted from 170 warp range to 160 warp range.
  • Fixed a visual issue where Alliance Points would get deducted when a player leaves.
  • Fixed an issue where ships would go back into warping after having already arrived.
  • Fixed an issue where activated consumables would sometimes not appear.
  • Fixed an issue where notifications are in the wrong language when the in-game language was changed.
  • Fixed an issue where ship models would not be correctly aligned in the ship UI.
  • Fixed various missing lighting effects on PC.
  • Fixed an issue where two bundles would open at the same time when making a purchase on PC and mobile simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue where the NPC for mission “End of the Beginning” was too strong.
  • Fixed an issue where a ship would automatically travel to the opponent’s cloaked ship if the object viewer was opened and closed before the opponent started cloaking.
  • Fixed two issues where UIs would overlap in Away Teams assignments.
  • Fixed an issue where costs on buttons would not show decimal numbers.
  • Fixed an issue where extended zoom was unintentionally enabled on LD/MD mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue where the ship management screen would show the ‘assign officers’ and ‘upgrade’ buttons on a ship that is already deployed.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to access Faction Space once they hit 4.4b Reputation.
  • Fixed an issue where cloaking models would appear in low resolution.
  • Aggressive hostiles now despawn if battle is canceled due to cloaking.
  • Added correct informational tooltip text to cloaking refits when cloaking was unlocked.
  • Fixed roughly 11 localization issues.

Game information

Patch 35 – Release Notes

Patch 35 – Release Notes


Tensions are rising between Klingons and Romulans as a new, mysterious half-Klingon, half-Romulan hybrid emerges. The Romulan Senate, Klingon High Council, and even more nefarious forces are in pursuit of the hybrid for unknown reasons and the use of cloaking technology has been spotted throughout the galaxy! Working with Worf to find the hybrid and uncover the truth may be the only way to prevent an impending war.

Introducing the Duality Arc!

“I hope this gets through to the right person… I think someone is watching me. I’m not sure who.” 

Worf has received a transmission from an unknown sender asking for his help. Who sent this mysterious transmission? What forces are at play? Follow the clues to find the sender of the transmission and help Worf track them down.

Along the way, it is discovered that the sender poses a threat to both the Klingon Empire, and to Romulan society. This individual is being held in a Cardassian prison, waiting to be handed over to the Romulan authorities. 

Accompany Worf as he attempts to rescue them, overcoming obstacle after obstacle only to realize you are in over your heads…

“I have the feeling that this conflict is only beginning.”

The first part of Star Trek: Duality Arc in October includes:

  • New Ship Cloaking ability
  • 15 new missions
  • Honorguard Worf and Four of Ten Officers
  • 20 new systems with new hostiles
  • New Exocomp Consumables
  • Two Enterprise-D Refits

Loyalty Chests update

Loyalty chests will receive a much anticipated update:

  • Allegiance Tokens: Going forward, commanders won’t need to make a choice between the 7-day OR the 30-day loyalty chests. Using the loyalty badges on the 7-day chest will grant you a new token that can be used on the 30-day chest (4 tokens will be needed to open one). You may have heard about this already, it’s the feature previously called Photon Tokens we were testing on some servers.
  • In addition, both chests will be updated for players level 40+ with some additional rewards

Ship Cloaking

Ship Cloaking technology is now available in Fleet Command! Surprise and outmaneuver your opponents with the new Cloaking ability, available now for 14 Klingon and Romulan combat ships. You can unlock a ship’s Cloaking ability by acquiring its Ship Cloaking Refit. Ship Cloaking Refit shards are redeemable in the new Ship Cloaking tab of the Refits menu.

Cloaking is a new active ability which can be unlocked for each eligible ship. Activating cloaking will make your ship invisible, untargetable by enemies, and prevent any incoming attacks from initiating. Attacking while cloaked deals significantly more damage and provides a 66% base chance that your name and alliance data will be completely hidden from your enemy’s Battle Logs. You can warp while cloaked to ensure the element of surprise is on your side, and entering a faction system you’re unwelcome in will prevent aggressive hostile marauders from spawning and chasing you.

Acquire a Ship Cloaking Refit to unlock the Cloaking ability for the below ships today!

  • D3
  • Legionary
  • Bortas
  • Centurion
  • B’rel
  • Gladius
  • D4
  • Augur
  • K’tinga
  • Valdore
  • Pilum
  • Korinar
  • Tribune
  • Hegh’ta

You can read more about Ship Cloaking on this dedicated page on our site!

New Officers



  • [Epic]  Honorguard Worf, now available as an Epic Officer
  • Soldier of the Empire: Every time the ship scores a critical hit in PVP, increase Armor Piercing.
  • Rage of Khitomer: Increase critical hit chance against other players for the first 8 rounds of combat (45%/50%/60%/75%/100%).





  • [Epic] Four of Ten, now available as an Epic Officer
  • Efficient Ore Acquisition: Increases Ore mining speed by 60%.
  • Cargo Optimization Algorithms: Increases cargo size by 40%/45%/50%/55%/60%.

New Ship Refits

2 Damaged Enterprise-D Ship Refits are now available for both the USS Enterprise and the USS Enterprise-A. Both Refits can be acquired through this month’s Battle Pass and can be obtained by any player’s lvl 10+ through October’s Battle Pass (although they will still need to unlock those ships at the appropriate level in order to use).

New Battle Pass

As said above, the Duality arc launches with an all-new Battle Pass, providing complete unlocks for 2 Damaged Enterprise-D Refits, Honorguard Worf and Four of Ten officer shards, 15 new missions, Ship Cloaking resources, cosmetics, and materials! Progress through the Battle Pass by participating in events throughout the month. You’ll unlock even more rewards by purchasing the Premium Pass!


  • 1 Epic Honorguard Worf Avatar
  • 1 Epic Borg Stonn Avatar
  • 1 Rare Ship Cloaking Avatar
  • 1 Rare Klingon Battle Pass Avatar
  • 1 Rare Halloween 2021 Avatar
  • 1 Uncommon Klingon Empire Avatar
  • 1 Uncommon House of Martok Avatar


  • 1 Epic Klingon Victory Frame
  • 1 Epic Romulan Victory Frame
  • 1 Rare Ship Cloaking Frame
  • 1 Uncommon Halloween 2021 Frame
  • 1 Uncommon Klingon Battle Pass Frame


  • Away Teams UI: Assigned officers no longer disappear from the assignment screen when coming back from the Promote Officer or Battle Reports screens.
  • Improved the text prompt in the Traits tab when an Officer promotion is required
  • PC chat: text field is now selected by default so you can easily send messages

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Attack, Defense and Health tooltips no longer being selectable after accessing the officer level-up screen.
  • Fixed an issue with no hostile being present in Ezla, Unarri and Ganzin systems. 
  • Fixed an issue where the “Instant” Latinum button was showing when trying to use a speed-up on an assignment in progress.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t properly deselect the highlighted officer for in-progress assignments.
  • Fixed a rounding issue displaying an incorrect amount of Parsteel in the Alliance contribution screen if the player didn’t have enough Parsteel.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Start New Assignment” screen when coming back from an assignment completion.
  • Fixed an issue with assigned officers briefly disappearing from the assignment screen when coming back from the battle reports screen.
  • Fixed an issue with the game hanging when viewing planetary missions after coming back from the Away Teams screen. 
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from seeing the HHP and SHP of hostiles through the Scan View, displaying a skull icon instead.
  • Fixed an issue with assigning the captain of a docked ship to an Away Teams assignment, where a bridge officer would get swapped to the captain slot instead. 
  • Fixed an issue where Exocomp icons appeared exceedingly large in the event rewards screen.
  • Fixed an issue with the values of total cargo capacity and protected cargo overlapping in the ship UI.
  • Fixed an issue with Officer Airiam’s ability not applying properly to the opponent’s ship.
  • Fixed an issue where activated Exocomps were not always displayed as active in the Exocomp tab.
  • Fixed an issue where not all Isogen refinery options were displayed to some players. 
  • Fixed an issue with the rarity of all Galaxy buffs being displayed as common when entering the Exocomps tab.
  • Fixed an issue where Riker’s dialogue was displayed incorrectly during the R&R Part 1 mission.
  • Fixed a visual issue with Officer Traits displayed as unlocked after promoting an Officer.
  • Fixed a visual issue with Officer Traits buttons grayed out during Away Teams assignments.
  • Fixed an issue where NPC character portraits were displayed as Arkonian by default.
  • Fixed an issue where NPC character portraits were displayed as Rigelian by default.
  • Fixed an issue with Korean text not being correctly displayed in the chat. 
  • Fixed an issue with Ten of Ten’s Traits not properly highlighted in the Away Teams screen.
  • Fixed an issue with the game hanging after claiming several completed assignments in a row.
  • Fixed an issue with Enterprise-D artwork not being displayed correctly in missions.
  • Fixed several issues related to the new Extended Zoom options.
  • Fixed an issue with Territory Capture Services in the Embassy displayed outside of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Extended Zoom’ option was duplicated in the ‘General Settings’ screen.
  • Fixed roughly 47 localization issues.


Roadmap Update – October 2021

Roadmap Update – October 2021


We’re excited to once again give you a look at some of the exciting content coming in 2021 and 2022.

Since our last roadmap update, we released Away Teams along with Traits during our latest arc. We have also launched the Second Research Queue, and we’ve made some improvements to G4 balancing. 

Last but not least, the Exocomp Consumables were added in August, and we are looking forward to adding new ones based on your feedback and suggestions.

Now, let’s talk about the future. As always, details may change, as may the order and timing of their eventual release, but we hope you’ll enjoy another sneak peek into the future.

We appreciate the passion and time all of you put into the game, and we share your love for Star Trek and Star Trek Fleet Command!

Let’s get started!

PC & Webstore

We have recently launched the STFC Webstore, along with the PC version of Star Trek Fleet Command. 

In the long term, we would like to make and the webstore ( more than just a hub for our game. A place where you can look for leaderboards, special events, guides, and more. Be sure to visit the new website and stay tuned!

Ship Cloaking

What’s the thing missing from Romulan & Klingon ships? That’s right – a CLOAKING DEVICE!

For the last year, we have been working hard on acquiring this technology and getting it  on these starships. 

Starting soon, you will be able to equip cloaking devices on your ships and be invisible to the naked eye of your opponents!

2nd Repair Queue

After releasing the 2nd builder & 2nd researcher features, it made sense to also add the last part of this trio and introduce the 2nd repair queue. We are now working on adding a permanent Second Repair Queue, enabling you to have two simultaneous active ship repairs. 

Officer Presets

Many of you have been asking for this a long time, and with our officer roster crossing so many amazing officers, we are working on introducing officer presets to the game.

Officer presets will allow you to create and select specific crew loadouts to your ships, which will simplify your ship loadout management and allow faster and better rotations on deck!

Cross-Server & SvS Events

Territory Capture allowed you and your Alliance to battle it out and gain control over a portion of the galaxy in your server. 

We are looking to expand this capability and create some unique events across servers (or universes :D). This will allow you and your alliance to battle other players on different servers for either specific leaderboards or fully blown battles as you temporarily invade their inverse, or defend against their invasion into yours.

The possibilities for new events around this functionality are numerous, and we’re excited to explore them with you.

Upcoming Star Trek IP

TNG’s first arc has just finished but in 2022, we’ll continue to bring familiar faces to Star Trek Fleet Command!

As our galaxy continues to expand, we’re excited to share more news with you in the coming months about upcoming additions to the game, like how you and your alliance will be able to explore Deep Space together! Keep your (big) ear lobes open!

Live long and prosper!


A Web Store has warped into the galaxy!

A Web Store has warped into the galaxy!


Update! The new and improved web store now offers exclusive bundles and, for a limited time, a free Epic Officer Shard which can be claimed daily. On top of that, you will continue to earn Multiphasic Credits with every purchase you make!

You can go to our new Web Store from your web browser, with either your mobile device or computer, log in using your ScopelyID, and check all the available offers.  You will get access to exactly the same offers available on PC, including the Multiphasic Credits!


Every purchase made on the Web Store will give you back the same in-game currency offered on PC, called “Multiphasic Credits”, which you will be able to spend in a new in-game store.

Check out the Web Store here:

Game information|News

Star Trek Fleet Command on a bigger screen!

Star Trek Fleet Command on a bigger screen!


Many thanks to those of you who took part in PC Version Early Access. Your feedback and patience is much appreciated.

We’re excited to officially announce the release of the PC version of Star Trek Fleet Command to our entire community. Starting today, September 20th, 2021, everybody will be able to download and play STFC on their PC.  

STFC on PC gives players a bigger screen, with an adjustable window. Need another reason to play today? We’ve got five!

1. Enter to win a limited edition STFC Borg PC!

Enter to win a chance to receive an exclusive Star Trek Fleet Command Borg Cube ATX by CherryTree and a Paramount+ Membership! We will be picking a winner every other week until January 9, 2022. That’s 8 chances to win! You MUST register for ScopelyID and log into our PC game to qualify to win. Existing players, claim our “PC Welcome Gift” to qualify to win!


CLICK HERE for Official Rules.

2. Claim your PC welcome gifts!

To celebrate this special moment we’re also giving out an exclusive Avatar, Frame, and 1600 Ultra Recruit Tokens ONLY TO PC players. You will be able to redeem them for free once you login to the PC version of the game at least one time starting September 20th, 2021!

If you are an existing player, just login to PC to claim it. If you are a new player, you will need to finish the tutorial.

3. Register to receive even more

Both new and existing players will receive an additional gift of 800 Ultra Recruit Tokens after registering for Scopely ID. You can register for ScopelyID on your mobile device, or on PC. If you have an existing game account you’ve been playing, register on your phone first.

4. Earn more 

Every purchase made through the PC platform, will give you a new in-game currency called “Multiphasic credits”, which you will be able to spend in a new in-game store. The new tab will appear in game once you’ve made a purchase from the PC platform.

You will be able to use them to redeem in-game packs like Ultra Station Upgrade Pack, Ultra Ship Power Pack, Ultra Interceptor Power Pack, Research Boost Packs and many more!

5. Claim an additional chest daily! 

If you’re playing on PC, you’ll be able to obtain an additional 24 hours daily chest!


If you have any questions related to the PC client, ScopelyID login, etc – check out our FAQ here!

Improvements made to the PC client 

  • Mouse scrolling has been improved.
  • Rescaled the PC UI & fixed various issues associated with UI rescaling.
  • PC game client window is now resizable.
  • Extended Zoom settings option for PC (this is also available on mobile)
  • A clipboard button has been added next to player ID in “Settings” (this is also available on mobile)
  • Chat is now automatically active when opening it, so you can start typing right away.
  • Pressing “Esc” no longer sends your message draft in chat.