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Meet the Team – Jonny

Commanders, We’re delighted to continue with this Meet the Team series! We bring you members of the Star Trek Fleet Command team, and we ask them about their roles and favorite things about the game. Let’s warp in! Meet our UI Lead, Jonny! Today we have the User Interface Team Lead in the hot seat. […]


Roadmap Update – March 2021

Commanders, Now that we are wrapping up the TOS arc, we wanted to give you another look on the exciting content that’s coming in 2021. Looking back on our previous update, much has changed. As promised, we added Territory Capture and Last Online Status, which have energized a lot of the Alliance gameplay in each […]


Meet the Team – Vikki

Commanders, We’re delighted to start our Meet the Team series! In this series of posts, we bring you members of the Star Trek Fleet Command team and we ask them about their roles and favourite things about the game. Let’s warp in! Meet our Product Manager, Vikki! You probably saw her during our 2nd-year anniversary […]


Commander’s Hub Ep. 5 – The Original Series Part 3

Join us on our 5th episode of Commander’s hub where we talk about patch 28 that hit the galaxies on the 9th of March. We teamed up with DesignerDunsel and DesignerData to talk about the newest refits, new officers Chekov and Scotty and much more! Listen on Youtube or Spotify! Links below:    


International Women’s Day – Podcast

Commanders, Today we celebrate a very special day: International Women’s Day. We invited some of our female team members to join us and talk about their journey in the video game industry, along with their passions and a few words of advice to anyone looking to enter this industry. Today, we honour those who have […]


Meet the Team – a new series!

Today we kick off our Meet the Team blog series, a dedicated space to learn more about the developers behind Fleet Command. Let’s start with Avery, who stands at the cockpit of Game Design. You probably heard of him during our Commander’s Hub Podcast. So what’s your role inside the team? I’m a Lead Game […]


Commander’s Hub Ep. 4 – TOS Arc 2

Join us on our 4th episode of Commander’s hub where we talk about the newest updated that hit the galaxies on the 9th of February. We teamed up with DesignerDunsel, DesignerData and CowboyKirk to talk about the newest Station Research tree extension, the second builder and of course the newest DOOMSDAY hostiles!  

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Territory Capture – December Update

Commanders, We want to thank all of you for taking part in Territory Capture this past month. We are thrilled to see the level of enthusiasm and excitement around this new feature and appreciate all the feedback and suggestions surrounding it. We are committed to supporting and evolving Territory Capture in future updates to improve […]


2nd-year Anniversary Video

Commanders, For two years you have journeyed with us across the galaxy, fighting off the Klingons, battling the Borg, and forming strong Alliances. When we started building this new universe, we never imagined making it this far. Our game has surpassed all expectations, blown through records and reached a potential unimaginable by most. Your passion, […]


Stories of the Galaxy – Episode 3

Commanders, Episode 3 of “Stories of the Galaxy” is here! Below are stories from fellow Commanders around the Galaxy describing their own experiences. We want to thank all Commanders for submitting their stories. I’m a cop, at a Sheriff’s Office in Western NY. Wife, 2 kids, and another one on the way. Every day I […]