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Commanders, Here’s an FAQ regarding the Borg: ONSLAUGHT! Q. How many new missions will be available with the 3rd phase of the Borg? A. ~30 new missions & ~7 side missions Q. How can I start the missions? A. Main missions can be started by claiming a bundle called “The Long Way Home” found in […]


Gaming – Why do we get stuck in By Fortis

Another community post by our very own commander and content creator Fortis! Follow him here It has always amazed me when people question and ask what I am doing.  I have spent more than a year now playing Star Trek Fleet Command –  and when I mean play I mean literally over 3000+ hours on average.   There […]



Guide by our one and only friendly neighbourhood Moderator – Captain Epictetus There are 5 primary officer groups within the game, there are also additional groups that are issued periodically through in-game events. For our purposes, we’ll focus on the primary groups that are available to recruit at all times. I’ve put together the following […]


Sins of my past

Commanders, Captain Li’s past has caught up with her in ‘Sins of My Past‘, the next chapter of our latest trailer series!


I am Spock

Commander’s Log Stardate: 2263.4 Location: Foreign Universe I have passed through an anomaly at the center of an uncharted ion storm. After the briefest of explorations, my analysis is complete. The anomaly carried me into a parallel universe and this universe is measurably inferior to the one I left back home, in terms of both […]


Entering the server’s 1%

Created by our very own commander and Content Creator – Fortis Along with my alliance members, we have been doing very well in competitions and events.  Probably the first question you are going to ask is: How does someone like me get there?  You want to know how do you start from the backwater worlds of Yerma, Vatok and Maynard, […]