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Introducing: Battle View

Commanders, You’ve often given feedback around having a cleaner interface in hectic situations, missions, events, or just while out exploring the galaxy. We’ve listened – and based on an idea from you, the players – we are proud to announce the Battle View mode. This feature allows you to hide much of the game interface, […]

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Patch 30 – Release notes

Commanders, Engage! Today, there’s nowhere in the Alpha Quadrant where you can find more excitement. Star Trek: The Next Generation is here. We now begin an extended arc that embraces the iconic timeline of the Star Trek franchise. Join this long-term mission through undiscovered systems, with new content: officers, refits, events and much more. This […]

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Patch 29 – Release notes

Commanders, Introducing Patch 29! Prepare your Vi’Dar, the Stella and the Franklin; the Borg and the Rogue faction are warping into the galaxy faster than ever in this new Interlude Arc! Introducing: Absolution The mighty Doomsday Machine no longer poses an imminent threat, thanks to the combined effort of Commanders throughout the galaxy. However, recent […]

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Introducing a new feature! [April Fools]

Commanders, As you know, we are always looking for ways of improving your Star Trek Fleet Command experience. We always wanted to give you the feeling you are commanding your own fleet and venturing your ships and officers where no one has gone before. The commanding cockpit is a quintessential element in the Star Trek […]


Patch 28 – Release notes

Commanders, Introducing Patch 28! The final part of The Original Series arc is upon us and with it comes an array of amazing new content and features!  Introducing Star Trek: The Original Series – Part 3!  The Doomsday Machine is here, and it’s closing fast on the Constellation! Join us in the close of the […]


Meet the Team – a new series!

Today we kick off our Meet the Team blog series, a dedicated space to learn more about the developers behind Fleet Command. Let’s start with Avery, who stands at the cockpit of Game Design. You probably heard of him during our Commander’s Hub Podcast. So what’s your role inside the team? I’m a Lead Game […]

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Patch 27 – Release Notes

Commanders, We’re ready to warp into the core of the newest Star Trek: The Original Series timeline! All commanders are called in to man their stations as Patch 27 is warping into the galaxy and with it new treacherous hostiles, more research nodes and more TOS content to enjoy!  “Don’t you get it? The Machine […]

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Patch 26 – Release notes

Commanders, Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before! We are starting off the New Year by going back to where it all began, with Star Trek: The Original Series. We hope you will join us, commanders, as we continue to expand the Star Trek Fleet Command Universe, bringing more and more iconic Star Trek […]

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Territory Capture – December Update

Commanders, We want to thank all of you for taking part in Territory Capture this past month. We are thrilled to see the level of enthusiasm and excitement around this new feature and appreciate all the feedback and suggestions surrounding it. We are committed to supporting and evolving Territory Capture in future updates to improve […]

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Patch 25 – Release notes

Commanders, Patch 25 is zooming into the galaxy and with it a lot of epic content and changes! “Join me, and the great empires that look down on you will collapse beneath our fury!” The struggle for control of the Origin Sector rages on, as the impact of the Discovery’s departure has an unexpected side […]