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D20 – Release notes

Commanders, Here you can read the release notes related to patch D20. New Content: The Exchange: Outlaws Part 2 “The businesses put a lot of time and effort into keeping people like us away from the Exchange.” Khan and Mudd have formed a reluctant alliance in order to uncover a conspiracy of galactic proportions. They’ve […]


Outlaws FAQ

Q. Where can I find the missions? A. There will be 5 mission bundles. One will be immediately claimable in the gifts section and 3 will be claimable in the gifts section costing mission tokens which are obtainable through the Battle Pass free track. The final mission bundle will be obtainable through the Augment faction […]


Patch 19 – Release notes

Commanders, Here you’ll find all release notes relating to patch 19. New Content: The Outlaws The Outlaws Arc kicks off a new narrative featuring Harry Mudd, Khan, and more than thirty-five  new missions that re-introduce commanders to a revamped Augment Space. A rapid mining activity using the Botany Bay will help commanders earn new and […]

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Borg Final Showdown – FAQ

Commanders, Below is an extensive FAQ about the new Borg Arc – Borg Final Showdown Q. What does this Borg Arc consist of? A. There will be 3 phases to this Arc.  Q. What about Phase 1? A. A variety of events that will generate small amounts of shared progress as well as event currency […]


Patch 18 Release notes

Commanders, Here you’ll find all release notes related to Patch 18. New Content: Borg Mega Cube We thought we saw everything that the Collective could throw at us… We were wrong. Something looms on the horizon. Something huge. Something that drives fear into even the most battle-hardened Commanders. The major factions are helpless against this […]

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Stories of the Galaxy V2

Commanders, Volume 2 of “Stories of the Galaxy” is here! Below are stories from fellow Commanders around the Galaxy describing their own experiences. We want to thank all Commanders for submitting their stories. “Im 52, disabled. I have been playing this sort of game for a long time, found this one at Christmas time. Built […]

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Patch 17

Commanders, The 3rd chapter of the Borg is nearly upon us! Read below all changes coming in the next upcoming patch 17. Please remember to update your client from your respective store. New Content: Borg Part 3 – Onslaught! The galaxy’s worst fears have come true… The Borg are here in force! With Borg Cubes […]


COVID-19 Update

Commanders, With the continued impact and spread of COVID-19, Scopely is prioritizing the health of our employees and their families with our global workforce now working remotely. Beyond our internal teams, we also work with many partners around the world who have implemented remote work policies. With that in mind, we anticipate potential delays in […]


Game update – Server Merge

Commanders, We wanted to take this opportunity and talk about server merges. It’s been a hot topic within the community, and we understand that a lot of you have been asking for it. A few servers have a significantly lower population than desired. With Server merges we want to address the problem of servers that […]

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Borg FAQ

Q. How can I travel to the new Borg space? A. You can now travel to the new Borg space by using the new item called Transwarp Cells. Once Warp has initiated a Transwarp Cell will be used from your inventory. Please note – if you cancel warp the Transwarp Cell will still be consumed, […]