Orion Syndicate


Form an affiliation with the Orion Syndicate and earn Syndicate XP to avail of in-game benefits such as: Orion Exclusive Officer Ghrush, stat buffs, daily rewards multiplier for Tritanium, Dilithium, Parsteel, and Faction Rep, and Officer Presets. 

You can access the feature through the new icon on the HUD and will be able to:

  • See your current tier and the benefits you’re receiving from it
  • Gain an overview of what each tier will reward you 
  • Daily free claim chest for Syndicate XP

Key Terms

Syndicate  XP These are the points needed to level up your Syndicate Tier even further
Tier This refers to the level of each phase of the progression within the Syndicate Tier
Syndicate Benefits The extra in-game content, buffs, and bonuses received via the Syndicate. Note: All benefits are received once they have been claimed from the tier rewards chests.

How to Unlock

At level 10 all players will gain access to the Orion Syndicate and will see the Syndicate icon on the top left hand of the screen. 

Syndicate Buffs

Players will receive a number of benefits at each tier, many of which are stat increases. These increases scale with the players level so even if they are unlocked at Ops level 10 the buffs will continue to increase with the players level. Values for each level bracket are shown on each buff similar to the below:

Daily Rewards Claim

Each player will begin at Tier 0. Once any amount of Syndicate XP has been received players will be able to claim the daily free chest. Players will receive a gift chest with 1 Syndicate XP to start their progression once they reach level 10.  This daily chest will grant an amount of Syndicate XP based on your Syndicate Tier and will be available every 22 hours. 

Officer Presets

Players are now able to attain Officer Presets by tiering up with the Syndicate. These presets are available at tiers  5, 9, 12, 15, 17, 20, 22 and 25. Officer Presets is a way for players to save their favorite and most useful combination of officers in order to easily swap in and out crews to the upper decks based on their activities. 

Players will be able to access their presets through the officer assignments screen and will be able to edit and rename their presets as they see fit. Tapping Apply on the officer preset will overwrite the current officer setup o f the ship. 

Daily Goal Multiplier

Players with the relevant Syndicate Tier will benefit from certain resources being multiplied from their daily goal rewards. Whether a daily goal can have a multiplier benefit will be indicated with the Syndicate XP icon as per the screen below. Note: Players will see the tag on all bundles that can be affected by the Syndicate Tiers whether or not they are currently affected. The amount displayed in the rewards preview screen will show you the exact rewards you will get upon claiming that daily goal.

Daily Goal Multipliers are rewarded at the following tiers:

Tier Multiplier Benefit
5 1.5x Parsteel, Tritanium and Dilithium 
8 2x Parsteel, Tritanium and Dilithium 
10 1.5x Frequency Modulator Mk. II
13  3x Parsteel, Tritanium and Dilithium 
15 1.25x Faction token and reputation (+/-)
18  4x Parsteel, Tritanium and Dilithium 
20  1.5x Faction token and reputation (+/-) 
25  1.75x Faction token and reputation (+/-) 


Resource Name Primary Usage Primary Acquisition
Syndicate XP Used to tier up Syndicate and gain in-game benefits Available via daily claim chest on the Syndicate Screen and via the Store
Officer Preset Used to unlock Officer Presets which can be accessed via the ship management screen Primarily granted after tiering up syndicate to levels 5, 9, 12, 15, 17, 20, 22 and 25. 
Syndicate Benefit This represents a stat buff that has been granted via a Syndicate Tier.  Can be found in Syndicate Rewards Chests


Q: Do I have to wait for my daily rewards to reset to benefit from the multiplier? 
A: No. The daily goals multiplier should be applied as soon as you claim your rewards from the relevant Syndicate tier. However, the multiplier will not be applied if you have tiered up after you completed a daily reward that you have not claimed yet.