Ship Cloaking

Ship Cloaking technology is now available in Fleet Command! Surprise and outmaneuver your opponents with the new Cloaking active ability, available now for 14 Klingon and Romulan combat ships. 


Cloaking is an active ability which can be unlocked for any cloaking eligible ship by acquiring its Ship Cloaking Refit. Once you’ve acquired enough shards to unlock a Ship Cloaking Refit, you can redeem it in the new “Ship Cloaking” tab of the Refits menu, accessed through each ship’s “Manage” screen. Unlike other Refits, Ship Cloaking Refits cannot be equipped: acquiring them permanently unlocks the cloaking ability.

At launch, some Ship Cloaking Refits will be available in the October’s Elite Battle Pass and the rest in the Offers Tab. However, they will eventually also make their way to the Faction Stores where they will be available for Faction Credits.

Cloaking is now available for the below Klingon and Romulan ships:


Similar to the Discovery’s “Summon” ability, cloaking can be activated by tapping an ability button when you have your cloaking-eligible ship selected. Cloaking has a limited duration and a cooldown period after it ends before it can be used again. Your ship will remain cloaked for its full duration unless you attack, mine, or dock at a station or Territory Capture node. You can improve a ship’s cloaking stats by increasing its tier and upgrading its Warp Engines component.

Cloaking is a powerful active ability which offers a variety of tactical and combat advantages:

  • Cloaked ships are invisible and cannot be targeted
  • Cloaking will prevent incoming player attacks from initiating combat
  • Cloaked ships deal significantly increased damage when attacking (damage increase is unique to each ship and visible on its Ship Cloaking Refit)
  • There is a 66% base chance that your name and alliance data will be completely hidden from enemy Battle Logs when initiating an attack while cloaked
  • Cloaking remains active while warping so you can ensure the element of surprise is on your side when entering systems
  • Entering a Faction system you’re unwelcome in while cloaked will prevent active hostile marauders from spawning and chasing you


Each activation of cloaking requires Tetryons, a new resource which powers a ship’s cloaking device.

Once you acquire your first cloaking Refit, you’ll begin receiving a free daily bundle of Tetryons in the “Gifts” tab of the Store. If you have 200 or more Tetryons stockpiled, you’ll no longer receive the free daily bundle until your balance falls below 200. You can always acquire more Tetryons when they’re available in the Battle Pass, from Events, or in the Offers Tab regardless of how many you currently have. There is no limit to how many Tetryons you can carry.

Each cloaking-eligible ship has its own, fixed Tetryon cost to activate cloaking. The stronger the ship, the more Tetryons it requires to power its cloaking device.


Cloaking Refits are now available in the Offers Tab – unlock cloaking and begin outmaneuvering your opponents today!